The East India Company: Then & Now

Then I know you aren’t all fellow history graduates, and didn’t necessarily study the history of the East India Company, but I’m sure you’ll have heard of it. In its very long history, it’s also been referred to as the East India Trading Company, the English East India Company and the British East India Company. ... Read more »

Ice Cream Wednesday: Pear & Ginger Ice Cream

A few weeks back, three bloggers spent a happy evening with Gaggia learning about their coffee and ice cream machines. Following on from that, they loaned us an ice cream machine each. So, for a few weeks, I have a beautiful big Gaggia to play with, as does my chocolate blog friend, Dom. Dom and ... Read more »

What’s Your Ultimate Burger? Perfect Burger & Ultimate Burger Bun Recipes!

I’ve been thinking about this question recently, not least because I was sent two different burgers to review, and I was also asked to define my ultimate burger. Broadly, there are three aspects to a burger – the meat patty, the bun and the various condiments served inside or with it. The Patty This is ... Read more »

Paul A Young Soho

Paul A Young has opened a new store in Soho. This is good news. Actually this is great news. Actually this is bloody fantastic news! Why? Because, for me, Soho is a lot more convenient than either his Islington Camden Passage or Bank locations. Which means more fabulous Paul A Young chocolate in my life! ... Read more »

Give In To Gü

Their last advertising campaign genuinely creeped me out. So I was a little apprehensive when asked to come along to an event celebrating the launch of their new one, incase I didn’t like this one either. There were new single pot products being launched, a rebranding of Frü into the main Gü brand, and a ... Read more »


I love yoghurt and always have. When my sister and I were growing up, we’d fight over the thick, creamy layer on the top of mum’s home-made natural yoghurt. We loved it as it was, we loved it mixed with mint sauce to make a tangy, minty dressing and we loved it mixed with cucumbers, ... Read more »

Paul A Young’s Billington’s Simnel Brownie

Late last month, Paul A Young tweeted about his latest creation: I was quite excited… I’m a huge fan of his original chocolate brownie, a huge fan of Billington’s sugars, especially their muscovado and a huge fan of marzipan. (Addict would be closer to reality on that last one). I’ve used Billington’s unrefined sugars and ... Read more »