Kavey’s Hot Multicultural Buns

Yesterday I read a news article mocking the English Defence League for failing to realise that a satirical news story claiming a bakery had decided to remove the ‘offensive’ cross from traditional hot cross buns was indeed a spoof and reacting with their usual rabid froth of outrage. One indignant commenter declared, ‘What next, ”hot crescent bun” ... Read more »

Individual Marzipan Cakes | All About the Almond

These delicious individual marzipan cakes are thanks to my friend Lisa, who made them recently using a Nigella Lawson recipe for a full size marzipan cake. Lisa decided to pour the batter into a muffin mould to make individual cakes instead of one large cake, which appealed to me hugely. I took note of her feedback ... Read more »

Beau Bunny’s Breakfast Egg

I collect eggcups. I’m quite discerning though. At least a 100 came off the shelves a couple of years ago (with the intention of selling them on ebay, though that remains one of the many many things on my To Do list). The ones that remain crowd the shelves such that there’s very little room ... Read more »

The Great Easter Egg Review!

A pagan symbol of spring and rebirth adopted by early Christians to represent the resurrection of Jesus, Easter eggs haven’t always been chocolate. In many cultures hand-painted egg shells or hard-boiled eggs, carved wooden eggs and even elaborately crafted, bejewelled precious metal eggs are still commonly exchanged. Creative Commons images from Flickr by Boby Dimitrov, ... Read more »