Lee Skeet’s 40 Days 40 Nights Pop-up


Having heard some very enthusiastic endorsements about Lee Skeet’s supper clubs, when he announced his 40 Days 40 Nights pop-up, I bought tickets immediately! The blurb promised a six-course tasting menu with canapes for £70 per person, served in the upstairs dining room at Pontcanna’s Cafe Milkwood. We’d most recently been there for the Matsudai ... Read more »

Matsudai Ramen | Ramen at Home and Ramen Pop-ups!

Matsudai ramen home kit

Ramen, aaaah ramen! I bloody love ramen and, as a Londoner, was used to being able to get my fix quite easily, as ramen restaurants became more and more prevalent. But then, we moved to rural Wales and I discovered that ramen hadn’t gained a foothold here yet, let alone become a big trend. Luckily, ... Read more »

Onion, Chilli & Mint Marmalade (Muraba-e-Murch-e-Surkh wa Piaz)

Onion, chilli and mint marmalade

This Onion, Chilli and Mint Marmalade features a hefty kick of chilli that adds extra punch to its rich sweet and savoury flavours. The recipe is from Sally Butcher’s Veggiestan cookbook, now republished as a new edition for its 10th anniversary. It pairs equally well with soft and salty cheeses such as feta or goats cheese, ... Read more »

Herby Rice with Saffron Vegetables (Sabzi Pulao)

Herby rice with saffron vegetables

This herb-laden, golde -baked rice dish hails from Persia and comes to us via Peckham thanks to Sally Butcher’s Veggiestan cookbook , now republished in a special 10th anniversary edition. The crisp, saffron-tinted surface of the rice, known as tahdik, is enormously prized by Persians and definitely the star of the show. The generous volumes ... Read more »

Veggiestan by Sally Butcher

Veggiestan by Sally Butcher

This 10 year anniversary green and gold clad edition of Veggiestan by Sally Butcher comes at an opportune time: vegan and vegetarian cookbooks almost outnumber the omnivore cookbooks publishers are currently offering, as climate consciousness encourages us all to reduce our meat intake and increase the production quality (and hence cost) of the meat we ... Read more »

Sweet & Sticky Tofu Knots

Sweet and Sticky Tofu Knots

Whilst I’ve eaten tofu knots in Japan, they are an ingredient I hadn’t thought to cook at home until I read Bonnie Chung’s cookbook Tofu Tasty: Imaginative Tofu Recipes for Everyday. As she explains, they are traditionally added to soups and stews, but in this recipe, she has fried them instead to create a wonderful ... Read more »

Fully Loaded Spicy Xi’an Cold Tofu

Fully loaded spicy Xi'an cold tofu

Cold tofu is the perfect base for this refreshing, light and full-flavour dish hailing originally from the capital city of Shaanxi Province in China. With no cooking necessary it’s very quick to assemble and, as they are long-life, you can keep the ingredients ready in your store cupboard. Serve for a light, summery lunch for ... Read more »

Agedashi Tofu | Fried Tofu in a Savoury Broth

Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu is one of my favourite Japanese dishes – light and simple, with a wonderful combination of textures and tastes. I am literally unable to resist it when I see it on the menu, and it’s really easy to make at home. Cubes of tofu are dusted in starch flour, ‘lightly deep fried’ and ... Read more »

Tofu Tasty by Bonnie Chung

Tofu Tasty by Bonnie Chung

I adore tofu! Although it’s often dismissed as a wobbly block of pale, bland protein favoured by those seeking meat substitutes, I truly think this assessment is missing the joys of a delicious, versatile and nutritious food. Rather than thinking of it as a replacement for meat, it is far better to appreciate tofu as ... Read more »

The Best French Toast Ever

The Best French Toast Ever

French toast is always a breakfast treat but if you’re cooking for more than two or three people, it can take quite a bit of time to dip and fry each slice of bread in turn. That’s where this ultimate french toast recipe from Rosie Reynolds’ The Shortcut Cook comes in, with its transformation into ... Read more »