An Eighties Revival: Gorvett & Stone’s Valrhona Jivara Popping Candy Bang Egg

I had no intention to blog any further about Easter chocolate eggs, after the Great Easter Egg Review and the posh Crème Eggs, but I simply must share the delights of one more egg with you!

To my shame, I failed to invite Gorvett & Stone to participate in my review – I simply didn’t think of it, which is remiss of me given they are one of the first decent chocolatiers I discovered, a few years ago.

But, whilst I forgot them, they didn’t forget me and recently asked me to join a customer panel providing feedback on their products, a few of which they sent me recently. I have filled in my questionnaire on this product already, which is all they were looking for, but I absolutely have to blog too because I’ve just found another favourite!

The Bang Egg (£16.95) is made from Valrhona Jivara 40% – a delicious top quality, creamy, fruity chocolate. Within the chocolate is a generous amount of popping candy, so beloved to those of us who grew up in the eighties, and currently enjoying a bit of a retro revival.

I broke the thick egg open which was harder than it looked – I heeded the instruction on the outside and banged it hard against the table. I popped a large piece into my mouth. At first, the popping candy effect seemed far too subtle and, whilst I loved the taste and texture of the chocolate, I was a little disappointed.

But then, just as I was sucking the last remnants of the chocolate, a crescendo of popping built and my mouth came to life!

It sounded like the calls of a million tiny reed frogs just before night fall in Africa.

And, in one of life’s funny little “freak you out” moments, I immediately went to their site to find out more, and that’s when I discovered that they make exploding chocolate frogs out of the same heady mix!

This one’s a winner, folks!

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