Give In To Gü

Their last advertising campaign genuinely creeped me out.

So I was a little apprehensive when asked to come along to an event celebrating the launch of their new one, incase I didn’t like this one either. There were new single pot products being launched, a rebranding of Frü into the main Gü brand, and a completely new design for all their packaging too.

Luckily, I absolutely love the new campaign, Give In To Gü, based on the premise of all those little temptations one just can’t resist.

In fact, it made me smile recalling a little moment a few months ago. Having spoken my piece at the Fire & Knives day, I had finally relaxed and was standing about in the entrance hall chatting to friends. When I felt a hand pop the label hanging out at the back of my blouse back in, I assumed it was a friend, and continued with my conversation, turning around when I’d finished to say thanks. To my surprise, it was a complete stranger, one of the security staff working at the venue. He was standing nearby, giggling whilst at the same time managing to look guilty, sheepish and embarrassed. I couldn’t help but laugh back, thanked him and moved on, but clearly, his little indiscretion stuck in my memory.

And I know I’m not alone in having leapt gleefully into a tidy pile of crunchy autumn leaves or grabbed at a friend’s kilt to get a glimpse of the goolies! Am I?

The launch event space was adorned with temptations from swathes of bubble wrap to a wonky frame that just begged to be straightened to a large (and very loud) drum kit to an already-assembled domino run to a wonderfully retro pin art block.

Unsurprisingly, I gave in to all the temptations and had a grand time. In fact, I was the first to have a go at the drums, making an almighty racket that was quickly (and mercifully) short!

There were some delicious sweet canapés designed and made by Gü head chef Fred and sous chef Jerome.

And of course, we tried the new range of anytime mousses – single portion mousse desserts in portable pots. They’ll probably prove popular with office workers looking for a tasty treat during their weekday lunches. I loved the raspberry and chocolate, liked the plain chocolate and wasn’t quite as keen on the passion fruit and yoghurt and the mango and lime. Size was spot on and I can see myself buying these for lunch myself, but I was worried the (genius design) plastic spoon might easily get lost, as it wasn’t securely attached to the pot or packaging.

It probably makes a lot of sense to amalgamate Frü into Gü as, apparently, a lot of customers don’t realise they are the same company. To be honest, I never really understood the need to differentiate their fruit products from their chocolate ones in the first place.

The new packaging, with a Venetian theme, is artistic and unusual and should help the products stand out on the shelves, especially given how closely some of the supermarket own-brand product packages apes the old black and white Gü look, lately.

What do you think of the new campaign? Does it make you smile? Are there any more temptations you can suggest, along the same lines?

Fred Ponnavoy’s delicious recipe for chocolate goulash can be found here.

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2 Comments to "Give In To Gü"

  1. Mamta

    Chocolate is not my thing, but they look nice for special occasions/desserts. YouTube video is funny 🙂
    Your face in the 'nail frame' reminded me that you used to have one in your bedroom when you were young and often left weird imprints on it in your bedroom window!LOL!
    I will pretend I didn't read the kilt bit, shall I?

  2. celia

    The ad was fun, but you're right, the last one was a bit creepy! Look at those chocolate masks!

    And I love that your mum left a chastising comment – I promise not to tell her all the risque things you say on twitter..hahahaha… 😉


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