Happy Eating, Happy Memories

It’s no secret that I love good food and sometimes I love it a little too much! The older I get, the more heartburn and indigestion become a regular nuisance, especially when I overindulge or I’m particularly stressed. In fact, you won’t catch me leaving the house without a packet of Rennie tablets in my ... Read more »

Finding the Joy in Life

By most measures, I have a good life. I have a husband I adore, a loving family and wonderful friends. I am self-employed in IT and enjoy my job. Our house is utter chaos but at least it’s ours and, hey, it’s lived in! I have a smile on my face most of the time. ... Read more »

Marzipan Fruits & Memories

My sister and I were definitely Blue Peter girls. We loved making the many craft projects shown on the programme. I remember spending weeks making a cardboard dolls house with lots of furniture inside: instructions for additional items taught across a series of episodes; one week a chest of drawers made from matchboxes with split ... Read more »

Books Books Books

Ever since Dom launched it, I’ve really enjoyed Belleau Kitchen’s Random Recipes challenge, where he invites fellow bloggers to use various techniques of random selection to choose a recipe from their collection of cookbooks and blog it. It often results in some rather unusual recipes, the ones you probably wouldn’t choose to make if you ... Read more »

Kavey Eats 3 Today!

Today I’m celebrating three years since I launched Kavey Eats, on April 2 2009. Sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that the archive goes right back to August 2006. That’s because I started the blog as I came to the realisation that I’d been stealth blogging (as I call it) for years… sharing my food ... Read more »