Tips from a Professional Food Stylist

Tips from a Professional Food Stylist

Today’s post is a rare foray into blogging about blogging ; specifically, one of the more useful skills for a food blogger today – Food Styling. I recently attended a session in which professional food photographer and stylist Carole Poirot shared her tips with a group of bloggers. First, an Atelier des Chef class instructor ... Read more »

Japan Snapshots: Random

A random set of images from Japan: A friend of bread is a friend of mine   Cupola Sanjo, the covered segment of Sanjo Dori (and its delightful chicken logo) Waiting at a tram stop, Osaka   Details, Pontocho, Kyoto Children’s book, Kyoto Coffee Shop – rather surreal to try and understand it from the ... Read more »

Japan Snapshots: Cats & Dogs

A few more images from Japan: Cats of Philosopher’s Path, Kyoto     Pampered Dogs, Kinkaku-ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion), Kyoto   Model of a biting dog outside a restaurant in Gion, Kyoto     Cat in a hat, Sumiyoshitaisha Shrine, Osaka   Cuddly Dominion, Kyushu   Grammarly is a writing tool that checks ... Read more »

The World’s Best Apricot Jam (and Other Tasty Produce)

Every time I eat some of Nidal Rayess’ apricot jam, which I’ve eked out with unusual willpower, I chide myself for not having shared the experience of our day visiting Nidal at his factory in Lebanon, last spring. So, extremely late though it is, I am finally sharing another Lebanon highlight. Nidal Rayess is the ... Read more »

Baby Tangerines, Preserving Cuteness!

When I was sixteen I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Explains a lot, doesn’t it? My best friend’s mum gave me a brown paper bag of clementines as a ‘get well soon’ gesture. They were the tiniest clementines I’d ever seen, little more than an inch in diameter. I loved these adorable miniature citrus ... Read more »