Thermomix Review: Guacamole

I’ve already posted about the results of my first trials of the Thermomix I’ve been loaned for a couple of months, in this post about basil tagliatelle and ragu bolognese.¬†Another of the recipes I tried, looking for those where the varied functions of the Thermomix would clearly save me time and effort, was their ‘Fast and Easy Cooking’ recipe for guacamole.

It worked like a charm, and like the ragu bolognese, I was impressed with the balance of flavours and the even chopping and mixing. The only change I’d make next time is to reduce the oil content further.



Thermomix Guacamole

5 grams fresh coriander
1 chilli, top discarded
70 grams red onion, peeled and quartered
2 ripe avocados, peeled
10 grams lime juice
1 plum tomato, peeled and deseeded
40 grams extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Note: As I’m a wuss, we omitted the chilli. We switched the lime juice to lemon, as that’s what we had to hand. Instead of one plum tomato, we used a handful of baby plums. Our avocadoes were small so we used three. We reduced the oil by 10 grams as 40 grams seemed too much. Next time I’d reduce it to just 15-20 grams.


  • Weigh the coriander on the lid, then mince the coriander and chilli by dropping onto the running blades at Speed 9.
  • Turn to speed 5 and finely chop the onion by dropping it onto the running blades.
  • Add all remaining ingredients (weighing the lime juice and oil as you add it) and mix for just 3-5 seconds at Speed 4, until the tomato is chopped.
  • Season to taste and serve immediately.


This entire recipe took less than 2 minutes, including the time to peel and quarter the onion and scoop out the avocado flesh.

Whilst guacamole is a very simple recipe that can certainly be made with nothing but a spoon to scoop the avocado, a sharp knife to chop ingredients and a fork to mash and mix, I was impressed by how fast it was using the Thermomix and with just a knife, spoon and the machine’s jug to wash up.

Kavey Eats received a loan machine courtesy of Thermomix. 

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3 Comments to "Thermomix Review: Guacamole"

  1. Cara @ Gourmet Chick

    Oh wow you have a Thermomix on loan. Everyone is going nuts for them in Australia at the moment but I have to say a baulk at the price – sooo expensive. Are you a convert?


    I do love it, and I wish I could keep it but with current finances, can’t justify the price (and I don’t buy anything on finance plans). It’s fab though, really. Check the last post I did on it, for more info. x

  2. Annette

    Yeah, I was confused by that 40 grams of olive oil. Much less, as you will add next time, sounds right. Lemons/limes, either good. I like lemon as well; not easy to find where I live, unless you plant your own.


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