A Masterclass on 100% Pasture-Fed Mutton

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

“Grass-fed” is one of the descriptions I’m starting to see more frequently on beef and lamb (and mutton) in our butchers and supermarkets. But, as is often the case, this one label can cover a wide range of truths. Livestock only have to be 51% grass-fed for their meat to carry this label; the other ... Read more »

MiMi Aye’s Burmese Braised Beef Curry (Amè Hnat)

Burmese braised beef curry (by MiMi Aye)

This delicious Burmese Braised Beef Curry is an absolutely delicious recipe from MiMi Aye’s cookery book, Mandalay: Recipes and Tales from a Burmese Kitchen. A simple dish to make and packed full of flavour, this braised beef curry is a must-cook, especially for fans of coriander leaf. ... Read more »

Ember, Cardiff | A Pop-Up To Reckon With

Milk Chocolate, Wild Blackberry, Lime Dessert

Last month, we went to Ember supper club by John Cook. This popular pop up held at a few locations across Cardiff, and was hosted this time in Cocorico Patisserie. Dining with vegetarian friends, two of us had the meat eaters menu and two the vegetarian. All of us enjoyed the high quality ingredients and great cooking, with wonderful combinations and kicks of flavour. ... Read more »

Mount Fuji Japanese Restaurant | Cardiff

Sushi platter (Japanese food)

Mount Fuji, in Cardiff’s St David 2 Shopping Centre, is a family-run Japanese restaurant specialising in bento boxes, ramen, udon, donburi, curry rice and a range of sides. The food is good and the vibe reminiscent of the many casual places like this we enjoy visiting in Japan. ... Read more »

Nook, Cardiff | Inventive & Delicious Small Plates Dining

Burrata, fermented chilli, lemon, olive oil and dukkah

Recent restaurant opening Nook has been eagerly anticipated by the food-loving denizens of Cardiff, and no wonder. Eminently affordable, and certainly delicious, Nook is very much our kind of place. Seasonality, and quality of produce shine, and a small plates menu allows for a quick, light meal or a more lingering feast.  ... Read more »