Helim, Sausages, Pickled Shallots and Honey

Helim Sausages Pickled Shallots and Honey

This delicious dish from Hasan Semay’s Big Has Home cookbook makes a wonderful, summery lunch on its own but also works well as part of a more lavish spread. As suggested, we switched out the pastirma for chorizo (as that’s easier to find in our neck of the woods). The combination of flavours and textures ... Read more »

Turkish Ezme

Ezme Salad

For many years, ezme has been one of my favourite side dishes when visiting the many Turkish restaurants of North London. A simple cold dish of chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and red peppers with lots of parsley and mint, ezme is the perfect foil to kebabs such as adana kofte, chicken and lamb cis, and ... Read more »

Firinda Makarna (Cypriot Beef and Bechamel Pasta Bake)

Firinda Makarna

Firinda Makarna is not a dish I’d heard of until reading Hasan Semay’s Big Has Home cookbook, but his description of it as being somewhat like an Italian lasagne was helpful, in that it features minced beef, pasta and a cheesy bechamel sauce. However, in this dish, the minced beef is fried with onions, parsley ... Read more »

Big Has Home by Hasan Semay

Cover Image of Big Has Home by Hasan Semay

Diversity in the world of cookery books is a good thing, a very good thing indeed. For decades, the UK food publishing world has been dominated by white authors. Writers of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds have struggled to get a seat at the table, and when they do, they’re often pigeonholed into titles tied ... Read more »

Kashmiri Vers Masala Spice Cakes

Kashmiri Vers Masala Spice Cakes

All across India you will find regional spice blends (known as masalas). Vers masala hails from Kashmir and is commonly made and stored in small round cakes or tablets. Depending on the recipe (and the volume you are making), you can add either a small piece of Vers masala or a whole cake; usually towards ... Read more »

Kokur Yakhni | Chicken in Yoghurt and Saffron Gravy

Kokur Yakhni - Chicken in Yoghurt and Saffron Gravy

This delicious chicken curry dish is from Romy Gill’s ‘On The Himalayan Trail’ cookbook. Yoghurt, saffron and a heady mix of spices meld beautifully into the yoghurt gravy, creating a fragrant and warming dish. Instead of a whole chicken, we made this using chicken thighs, which worked really well. Read our full review of On ... Read more »

Ruangan Chaman | Paneer in Tomato Curry

Ruangan Chaman - Paneer in Tomato Curry

This Himalayan recipe for a simple paneer in tomato curry is a revelation. Slicing the paneer into thin strips rather than cubes (as is more typical in the Indian cooking I’m familiar with) means more surface area to be fried. It really changes the textural mouthfeel of the paneer! The recipe is from Romy Gill’s ... Read more »

Ghushtaba | Mutton Meatballs in a Yoghurt Gravy

Ghushtaba - Mutton Meatballs in a Yoghurt Gravy

This is a very simple but satisfying dish where the flavour of the mutton is able to sing. It’s from Romy Gill’s ‘On The Himalayan Trail’ cookbook and reflects the simple, wholesome and delicious cooking of the region. The mutton and other meatball ingredients are pounded together into a smooth paste before being shaped into ... Read more »

On The Himalayan Trail by Romy Gill

On The Himalayan Trail - Cover

I’m a little behind the curve getting my hands on this beautiful cookbook. On the Himalayan Trail: Recipes and Stories from Kashmir to Ladakh by Romy Gill was published by Hardie Grant in April since when it’s received great feedback from keen cooks. Gill, who was awarded an MBE in 2016, is a British-Indian chef, food ... Read more »

How To Make Ajitsuke Tamago (Ramen Eggs)

Ramen Eggs (Ajitama)

Known in Japan as ajitsuke tamago – often abbreviated to ajitama – ramen eggs are an integral element of a good bowl of ramen and Pete and I adore them! Soft-boiled eggs are chilled (to stop them cooking further) before being marinated in a soy sauce, mirin and sake marinade until the egg whites take ... Read more »