The Best Sights in Almeria and Murcia

Mar Menor

Neighbouring regions along Spain’s sunny south east coast, Almería and Murcia are popular holiday destinations for visitors from the rest of Spain as well as further afield. Blessed with an excellent climate, visitors enjoy exploring historical sites, and places of natural beauty. Our Pick Of The Sights in The Region of Murcia Lorca Castle (La ... Read more »

Indonesian Makassar Beef Coto (Coto Makassar)

Indonesian Makassar Beef Coto

Coto (also spelled Soto) is a category an Indonesian soups that are stew-like in nature, and usually feature meat, broth and vegetables. This Makassar Coto, hailing from Sulawesi, combines slow-cooked beef cheeks with herbs, spices and peanuts to create a rich, thick stew that is beautifully tender, delicious and filling. The recipe is from The ... Read more »

Indonesian Spiced Beef Stew (Semur Daging)

This Indonesian Spiced Beef Stew reminds me of a classic British beef and vegetable stew but in this case there are warming spices, herbs and other additional ingredients that provide an unmistakeably South East Asian flavour profile. Taken from Petty Pandean-Elliott’s The Indonesian Table, traditionally semur daging has a thinner sauce. Pandean-Elliott has added flour ... Read more »

Indonesian Chicken Curry with Pineapple (Gulai Ayam Nanas)

Indonesian Chicken Curry and Pineapple (Gulai Ayam Nanas)

This quick and delicious chicken curry with pineapple hails from South Sumatra in Indonesia, and is one of the many delicious recipes to be found in Petty Pandean-Elliott’s The Indonesian Table. It’s a mild and soupy curry with delicate flavours and a fragrant aroma. Read my in-depth review of The Indonesian Table by Petty Pandean-Elliott. ... Read more »

The Indonesian Table by Petty Pandean-Elliott

The Indonesian Table by Petty Pandean-Elliott

I’m a big fan of Phaidon Press’ country-specific cookbooks. Their spring release, The Indonesian Table by Petty Pandean-Elliott is a colourful book sharing 150 recipes from across Indonesia, alongside personal recollections from her childhood and the culinary journeys she has undertaken since. As I explained in my review of Lara Lee’s Coconut & Sambal, Indonesia is ... Read more »

How to Order Your Coffee in Vietnam

Cà Phê Trứng (Egg Coffee), Vietnam

Vietnam is a nation of coffee lovers, and you will seldom be far from a cafe or coffee stall, especially in the towns and cities. We hope our guide will help you know what and how to order and experience the best of Vietnamese coffee during your travels. Contents An Introduction to Coffee in Vietnam ... Read more »

The Retreat Farm Shop, Deli and Cafe in Llanover

The Retreat Llanover

The Retreat Farm Shop, Deli and Cafe has just opened in a beautifully converted chapel in Llanover. Its a new location, but not a new business – owners Simon and Amy previously ran The Gardener’s Kitchen (located in the former post office by the little hump-backed bridge in Llanellen). Their new site gives them a ... Read more »

Growing Up In A Nonya Kitchen by Sharon Wee

Growing Up In A Nonya Kitchen by Sharon Wee

Growing Up In A Nonya Kitchen is an ode to author Sharon Wee’s mother. In it she shares her memories of growing up in a Peranakan Chinese family in Singapore, and a meticulously researched collection of recipes and cooking advice learned not only in her mother’s kitchen but from older relatives and experts in the ... Read more »

Clay’s Kitchen & Bar in Caversham, Reading

Clays Kitchen in Caversham (Kavey Eats)

By the time we finally made it to Clay’s Kitchen & Bar, the new location for what was previously Clay’s Hyderabadi Kitchen, a lot more people were aware of this absolute gem of a restaurant than ever before, thanks to national coverage in The Guardian, in the form of a review from critic Grace Dent. ... Read more »