Richard Bertinet’s Kouign Amman Recipe

Kouign Amman (from Crumb by Richard Bertinet)

I’ve long wanted to be able to make a kouign amman, a traditional sweet, cake-shaped bread developed in Brittany in 1860. The story is that when a boulangerie ran out of cake, they asked a baker to make something cake-like to meet demand; not familiar with making cake he combined layers of bread dough with ... Read more »

Crumb by Richard Bertinet

Crumb by Richard Bertinet

Subtitled ‘Show The Dough Who’s Boss’, Crumb by Richard Bertinet is the distillation of over 30 years spent as a baker, pastry chef and expert consultant for restaurants and food businesses. Hailing from Breton in France, Bertinet now lives in Bath where he runs his cookery school, The Bertinet Kitchen. There he teaches hundreds of ... Read more »

Thoughts on Christmas | The Trussell Trust

(Wikimedia Commons by Digidreamgrafix)

My family have never celebrated Christmas as a religious event. My parents moved to England a few years before i was born, one a Hindu and the other not religious. But we all enjoy the ritualised traditions of a British Christmas, quickly picked up and participated in. Most of the aspects we like the best ... Read more »

Want to Learn About Sake? A Comprehensive Sake Guide For Beginners

Sake bottles

It’s no secret that I adore Japan, Japanese food and Japanese culture, and that I’m always dreaming of my next trip to Japan! Sake is one element of Japan’s food and drink that is both fascinating and delicious. It’s a drink I’ve been learning about for several years and I’ve come to really appreciate it. ... Read more »

Spatchcock Chicken with Five Spice, Honey and Soy

Spatchcock Chicken with Five Spice Honey and Soy

Carl Clarke reckons this Spatchcock Chicken with Five Spice, Honey and Soy is one of the most delicious recipes in his book A Whole Chicken and having made it, we think he may be right! Following his easy instructions on how to spatchcock, the rest of the recipe was also very straightforward: mix a simple ... Read more »

Bulgogi Grilled Chicken

Bulgogi Grilled Chicken

Bulgogi is a Korean dish, most commonly made with beef, pork or chicken cut into slices, marinated and cooked on a grill. The literal translation means “fire meat”, and I’ve often enjoyed bulgogi at restaurants offering a table barbeque on which I can cook the meat myself. The typical bulgogi marinade is both savoury and ... Read more »

Doritos-Coated Schnitzel with Fried Eggs and Anchovies

Doritos-Coated Schnitzel with Fried Eggs and Anchovies

There’s no doubt that this recipe for Doritos-Coated Schnitzel with Fried Eggs and Anchovies from Carl Clarke’s A Whole Chicken catches our attention because of its gimmicky idea to use crushed tortilla chips in the crumb for fried chicken! The question is, does this take on a classic Austrian Schnitzel Holstein work? The answer is ... Read more »

The Whole Chicken by Carl Clarke

The Whole Chicken by Carl Clarke

Even if I didn’t love eating chicken as much as I do, I’d find it hard to resist Carl Clarke’s A Whole Chicken with its vibrant green cover splashed with bright yellow and hot pink in the shape of a chicken’s face! The book’s cover promises “100 easy but innovative ways to cook from beak ... Read more »

Fäviken, 4015 Days, Beginning To End by Magnus Nilsson

Fäviken by Magnus Nilsson

There are a few heavyweights in Scandi food whose restaurants pop up in conversation with restless frequency, breathless descriptions of experience and a powerful sense of place bubbling on the lips of critics and food-lovers. Noma, Ekstedt, Fäviken, Frantzén, Maaemo, Geranium. Names like Rene Redzepi and the author of this book, Magnus Nilsson, evoke a ... Read more »

Chorizo, Goats Cheese & Cumin Borek Recipe by Sabrina Ghayour

Chorizo Goats Cheese and Cumin Borek Recipe from Simply by Sabrina Ghayour

I love the way that Sabrina Ghayour takes inspiration from the food traditions of the Middle East, and merges them with ideas and ingredients from around the world to create her own modern British, globally-influenced cooking. That’s very much the case for this Chorizo, Goats Cheese & Cumin Borek from Sabrina’s latest cookbook, Simply. As ... Read more »