The Omakase Menu at Engawa Japanese Restaurant, London

A celebratory omakase meal at Engawa Japanese restaurant in Soho, London

Pete and I recently celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary, and booked dinner at Engawa restaurant to celebrate. Located in Soho (and attached to the Ham Yard hotel), Engawa specialises in wagyu (Japanese beef), specifically in Kobe wagyu. It also has a sushi counter, and guests can choose between regular tables or stools at the counter ... Read more »

Favourite Places to Eat Cicchetti in Venice

Favourite Places To Eat Cicchetti in Venice

In my guide to finding great food in Venice, I talked about the tradition of cicchetti, small morsels of food served alongside drinks in the bacari (bars) of Venice. Bacari can be found throughout Venice, with a concentration in the areas where the four sestiere (districts) of San Polo, Castello and Cannaregio come together (near the Rialto bridge). ... Read more »

The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

Candies and Cookies - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

America (by which I mean the United States of America) is a shopper’s paradise, whether you head to one of its huge shopping malls and department stores, browse charming independent shops or buy branded merchandise from sports venues and tourist attractions. I also have a soft spot for supermarket shopping, as I love buying food ... Read more »

A Guide to Finding Great Food in Venice

A Guide to the Best Places to Eat Out in Venice

Venice is one of Italy’s most expensive cities in which to eat out, not least because of the added cost to restaurants of bringing in all their supplies via boat, and yet many visitors complain that they did not eat well there even when they splashed the cash. On our first two visits, in 1998 and ... Read more »

Snapshots of Japan | Kitchenware Shopping in Kappabashi Dori, Tokyo

Kitchenware Shopping in Kappabashi Dori, Tokyo

For those who love both cooking and shopping, a visit to Tokyo’s Kappabashi Dori aka Kitchen Town is a must. Located between Ueno and Asakusa – just 10 minutes’ walk west from Senso-ji (temple) – this stretch of road is lined with dozens of shops selling everything a restaurant could need, except for the food! ... Read more »