Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork Balls by Kwoklyn Wan

I absolutely love a bag of sweet and sour pork balls from the Chinese takeaway! Now I live in a more rural location, we can no longer get Chinese takeaway delivered, and it’s a fair hop into the nearest town to collect. So it’s great to have this recipe from Kwoklyn Wan’s Chinese Takeaway in 5 ... Read more »

Chinese Chicken Chow Mein by Kwoklyn Wan

Chicken Chow Mein

I rarely order a Chinese takeaway without including a chow mein; who can resist the signature smokey flavour that wok frying imparts to savoury fried noodles? This chicken chow mein from Kwoklyn Wan’s Chinese Takeaway in 5 is straightforward and quick to make – the perfect Chinese fakeaway recipe. Indeed it’s one of the recipes ... Read more »

Chinese Takeaway in 5 by Kwoklyn Wan

Book cover of Chinese Takeaway in 5 by Kwoklyn Wan

Kwoklyn Wan grew up working in his Dad’s Cantonese restaurant with his brother Gok and has been in the food industry ever since. He has an impressive career history that includes running a Martial Arts School, and a clear passion for Chinese cookery. Following the success of his previous books The Chinese Takeaway Cookbook and ... Read more »

Mexican Flan

If you’ve ever enjoyed a French crème caramel, Spanish crema volteada or Portuguese pudim flan, you will adore Mexican flan, a superbly rich and silky version of the classic caramel custard dessert. This recipe hails from Mely Martínez’ The Mexican Home Kitchen, in which she shares traditional home-style recipes and memories from Mexico. Read our ... Read more »

Tostadas De Pollo | Mexican Chicken Tostadas

Tostadas De Pollo

This simple recipe is from Mely Martínez’ The Mexican Home Kitchen, a book full of traditional home-style recipes from Mexico. With Mexican ingredients and products such as tostadas and refried beans  now easier to find in the UK, especially from specialist online groceries, this is a quick and simple meal to make at home. Read our full ... Read more »

The Mexican Home Kitchen by Mely Martínez

The Mexican Home Kitchen by Mely Martínez

Mely Martínez describes this book as traditional home-style recipes that capture the flavours and memories of Mexico, and the delicately punchy red and gold frontispiece and cover do give that feel. The author starts with a warm and engaging introduction to herself, her life and her love of food, explaining how The Mexican Home Kitchen ... Read more »

The Best Traditional Food from Northern Ireland


You can be sure of a warm welcome when you visit Northern Ireland, and a big part of that comes from the wonderful food. The cuisine of Northern Ireland is full of hearty dishes and delicious comfort foods. Many of the dishes are ones that you’ll find throughout both Eire and Northern Ireland, but there ... Read more »

Hot Chilli Turnip Pickle

Hot Chilli Turnips

Wings and Things by Ben Ford and David Turofsky is full of delicious chicken recipes (including plenty of chicken wings and some great chicken burgers). In addition, the book shares lots of great ideas for side dishes, sauces and condiments such as this easy-to-make hot chilli turnip pickle. Read our full review of Wings and ... Read more »

Lotus Dream | Speculoos Ice Cream Shake

Lotus Dream (Speculoos Ice Cream Shake)

I love Speculoos biscuits (cookies) and speculoos spread (also known as Lotus spread after the best-known brand). In this delicious ice cream shake recipe from cookbook Wings and Things by Ben Ford and David Turofsky, speculoos biscuits and spread are combined with milk and vanilla ice cream to make a deliciously indulgent milkshake with some ... Read more »

Hoisin Buff Ting | Hoisin-Glazed Fried Chicken Wings

Hoisin Buff Ting Chicken Wings

What could be better than crispy chicken wings coated in a sticky and delicious hoisin glaze, and served with a refreshing side of lightly-pickled cucumber? Not much, I can tell you, this simple chicken wings recipe is a winner and one we’ll be making again and again! The recipe is from Wings and Things by ... Read more »