Uisce by Heaneys | Cardiff

Dishes at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant (Kavey Eats)

Uisce by Heaneys sits next door to its older sibling, and offers an altogether more casual vibe with a small plates menu in place of Heaneys’ tasting menus. It’s labelled as an oyster and wine bar but offers much more, its small plates menu to pick and choose from making it an ideal spot for ... Read more »

Greek Lamb Cutlets with Lemon and Oregano

The addition of orange, oregano and anchovy fillets to the classic lamb marinade ingredients of lemon, garlic, oil and salt really elevates this lamb cutlets recipe to another level. The intensity of flavour is well worth the minimal effort to pull the marinade together, and the curlets are delicious as they are, or with a ... Read more »

Greek Courgette and Feta Fritters

Courgette and feta fritters are a dish many of us come to know and love during holidays to Greece, or visits to Greek restaurants. Happily, this courgette and feta fritter recipe from Marianna Leivatitaki’s Aegean cookbook didn’t disappoint, transporting our reviewer Nicky back to the memories of wonderful trips. Read more about the book, and ... Read more »

Aegean: Recipes from the Mountains to the Sea by Marianna Leivatitaki

Aegean - Recipes from the Mountains to the Sea by Marianna Leivatitaki (cover)

Marianna Leivatitaki, author of Aegean: Recipes from the Mountains to the Sea by Marianna Leivatitaki, spent her childhood steeped in the atmosphere of her family’s seafood taverna in Crete, immersed in ingredients, and the simplicity and purity of recipes she gathered in her notebook scribbles from the women cooking in Chania’s seafront restaurants. Her heritage is ... Read more »

Dim Sum Lunch at Happy Gathering in Cardiff

One of the things we’ve missed from London since moving to rural Monmouthshire in Wales is easy access to dim sum. A recent call out for dim sum recommendations in Cardiff led us to Happy Gathering, a Chinese restaurant on Cardiff’s Cowbridge Road. My favourite London restaurant for dim sum is Phoenix Garden, which I ... Read more »

Indonesian Chicken Nasi Goreng (Nasi Goreng Ayam)

Indonesian Chicken Nasi Goreng

Nasi goreng (which translates to fried rice in Indonesian and Malay) is one of my all time favourites, a real comfort dish of fried rice with a mix of meat, vegetables and seasonings. This chicken nasi goreng recipe from Lara Lee’s Indonesian cookbook, Coconut & Sambal, combines rice, chicken and green beans with aromatic garlic, ... Read more »

Indonesian Spiced Corn Fritters (Perkedel Jagung)

Indonesian Spiced Corn Fritters

I’m a sucker for all things fried, and these sweet-savoury spiced corn fritters from Lara Lee’s Indonesian cookbook, Coconut & Sambal, really appeal. Fry them fresh and hot to eat straight away, or prepare in advance and reheat in the oven. Either way, these crispy treats will hit surely hit the spot! Find out more ... Read more »

Indonesian Tomato Sambal

Indonesian Tomato Sambal

If you read my recent review of Lara Lee’s Coconut & Sambal, you’ll already know that we loved Lee’s recipe for tomato sambal. This versatile and fiery condiment can be served with many of the Indonesian dishes throughout the book. Made from tomatoes, red chillies, ginger, garlic, shallots and some tamarind and brown sugar (for ... Read more »