The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

Candies and Cookies - The Best Souvenirs to Buy in the USA

America (by which I mean the United States of America) is a shopper’s paradise, whether you head to one of its huge shopping malls and department stores, browse charming independent shops or buy branded merchandise from sports venues and tourist attractions. I also have a soft spot for supermarket shopping, as I love buying food ... Read more »

A Guide to Finding Great Food in Venice

A Guide to the Best Places to Eat Out in Venice

Venice is one of Italy’s most expensive cities in which to eat out, not least because of the added cost to restaurants of bringing in all their supplies via boat, and yet many visitors complain that they did not eat well there even when they splashed the cash. On our first two visits, in 1998 and ... Read more »

Snapshots of Japan | Kitchenware Shopping in Kappabashi Dori, Tokyo

Kitchenware Shopping in Kappabashi Dori, Tokyo

For those who love both cooking and shopping, a visit to Tokyo’s Kappabashi Dori aka Kitchen Town is a must. Located between Ueno and Asakusa – just 10 minutes’ walk west from Senso-ji (temple) – this stretch of road is lined with dozens of shops selling everything a restaurant could need, except for the food! ... Read more »

A Taste of Ghurka Cuisine | Yaks & Yetis in Ross-on-Wye

Yaks an Yetis Ghurka Himalayan and Nepalese Restaurant in Ross on Wye - (c) Kavey Eats

I hadn’t had time to do any research about where to eat when spending a few days in Ross-on-Wye to attend a pottery course recently, so was relieved that the hosts of our beautiful bed and breakfast gave us a list of recommendations, one of which was Yaks & Yetis, a Ghurka restaurant, serving predominantly Himalayan ... Read more »

Spiritual Japan | Koyasan Temple Stay & Visit to Okunoin Cemetery

Spiritual Japan | Koyasan Temple Stay & Visit to Okunoin Cemetery

A Visit to the Okunoin Cemetary and an overnight Koyasan Temple Stay, are a must-do for many visitors to Japan, especially those seeking a spiritual experience and an insight into Japanese worship and culture. On paper, the journey to reach Mount Koya – respectfully known as Koyasan in Japan – seems a bit convoluted. But the ... Read more »