Froothie Evolve: Power Blender, Soup Maker and Vacuum Blender In One

I’ve had a Froothie blender for six years and am a huge fan of it’s effortless power blending. Today, I’m reviewing the new Froothie Evolve, a multi-function blender that combines the high-power capability of my Optimum 94 blender with new cooking and vacuum blending functions.

This one powerful machine can be used to cook and blend soups; cook quick and easy fruit curds and custards, steam and puree baby food; steam cook meat, fish, vegetables, and rice; and to make healthy vacuum-blended smoothies and shakes; homemade nut butters and milks; and blend-from-frozen sorbets. You can even use it like a food processor to mix up quick cake batters. It comes with a range of preset programmes plus manual control, can be voice-activated or controlled via a blue-tooth phone app), and even has a self-clean function.

The Froothie Evolve: Functionality and Specifications

  • The Froothie Evolve comes with two jugs made from tempered and reinforced high boron glass, both of which fit onto the same base unit.
  • The first jug, with a capacity of 1.75 litres, includes a 900 watt heating element as well as the already-proven stainless steel 6-blade cutting mechanism, powered by an 1800 watt motor. A stainless steel steam basket is also provided.
  • The second jug holds 1.8 litres and offers high speed blending and vacuum blending, easily powerful enough to blitz solidly frozen fruit into soft, smooth sorbet.
  • Preset programmes include Smooth soup, Chunky soup, Baby food, Sauce, Steam, Vacuum smoothie, Vacuum fruit and veg, Sorbet, Nuts, Clean.
  • Manual settings allow you to enter blending speed, time, and cooking temperature yourself.
  • Safety features ensure that the machine won’t start if the jugs are not on it. And you won’t be able to open the cooking jug whilst its cooking or blending, to ensure no hot liquid splashes out.
  • The base unit comes in a choice of five colours – black, blue, red, silver and white

What’s The Froothie Evolve Like To Use?

So far, we’ve made a delicious hot soup in the cooking jug, a couple of smoothies in the vacuum blender jug and used the blender to process cake batter.

  • The smoothie made in the vacuum jug felt silky in the mouth and, without all the air incorporated into it by a regular blender, it resisted oxidisation for much longer, and the solids and water content didn’t separate out as quickly. That means I can make a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie in the morning, and still enjoy it at its best a few hours later.
  • Our soup experiment was also a big success, with the preset cooking programme allowing us to lob in the ingredients, switch it on and leave it to do its thing. When it was finished, we immediately served a fresh, piping hot and wonderfully smooth soup.
  • The cake batter we mixed in the blender is a fairly sloppy one (for my favourite banana cake recipe). The Evolve was certainly powerful enough to process the dry and liquid ingredients into a batter, but the vortices created by the blade and internal shape of the jug were not as effective as those in my older Froothie Optimum 9400 at pulling ingredients at the edges of the jug into the mix. That said, a quick intervention with a spatula resolved this and the batter was well blended.
  • An annoying niggle is the lack of detailed information in the manual (cleaning instructions call for the addition of “adequate clean water” into the jug, with no indication of a recommended minimum or maximum volume, and there’s a lack of any detailed instructions for using the manual settings).
  • I’m also disappointed by the recipe book that’s clearly been re-purposed from the one for their regular blender models without sufficient effort to rewrite or create new recipes. There are few soup recipes included (10), and none for chunky soups, despite the existence of a dedicated Evolve preset for them, alongside the smooth soups preset. The ten recipes provided were obviously written for a non-cooking blender model, as the cooking of ingredients is always done on the stove top or in the oven ahead of using the blender and there’s no mention of cooking ingredients within the jug – one recipe even instructs you to return the soup to the pan to heat; another says to blend for an abnormally long time (as you need to do using the non-cook power blenders, to generate heat).

On my list to try soon are using the blender to make fruit curd and custard, trying out the steam basket on fish and rice, and making a homemade chocolate and nut spread.

Overall, the Evolve is straightforward to use, very solidly built and fabulously powerful. It’s already proving to be a real workhorse in the kitchen.

Additional Benefits of Buying a Froothie Evolve

Froothie offers the following benefits to its customers:

  • 30-day free trial with free returns (UK mainland only).
  • Free 5 year warranty as standard, with paid options to upgrade to 7 and 10 years.
  • Interest-free buy now, pay later: just pay 10% of the total price at the time of purchasing, then divide the balance between 6 or 12 equal monthly payments.
  • Free shipping for all purchases.

In addition, readers of Kavey Eats can claim an extra two year’s warranty period (worth £40). For online purchases, select the standard 5 years warranty option and add the following code into the Order notes comment box. If you order by phone, make sure to relay the offer and code to the person taking your order.

Ambassador (1575) special 2 extra warranty years

Kavey Eats received a Froothie Evolve from Froothie for review purposes. Kavey Eats is a member of the Froothie brand ambassador (affiliate) programme. Please be assured that all opinions published on Kavey Eats are 100% honest feedback.

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