Making Omelettes in a Sandwich Toaster!


When we were sent a Waring Deep Fill Sandwich Maker to review, I was quite surprised to see a note in the accompanying PR bumf that it could be used to make omelettes. I’d never come across such an idea and was intrigued, but disappointed that the instruction pamphlet made no mention of this.

Google came to the rescue, with this odd but charming home-video of a gentleman using his sandwich toaster to make omelettes, wandering off to answer the phone in the middle, leaving his cameraman wife to pan around the room until he came back to reveal the finished omelettes!

Of course, we had to try it!


The sandwich maker itself is a simple stainless steel design, quite heavy and seems robust.

Toasties-9574_thumb4 Toasties-9575_thumb4 Toasties-9578_thumb2

It’s not hugely deeper than your ordinary sandwich toaster, though that little extra depth does seem to result in less leakage of toastie fillings, so it’s enough to make a difference. But the biggest innovation, in my mind, is the introduction of the removable plates, which are also dishwasher safe. I think these are cunning and rather fabulous.

There are three heat settings, low, medium and core-of-the-sun hot. Thus far, we’ve found that low and medium are our friends and hot is rather too hot, as you can see from the slightly browned butter in the images below!


Omelettes In A Sandwich Toaster

Butter or vegetable oil
A couple of eggs, beaten
Salt and pepper, to taste
Optional: a handful finely diced or grated cheese

  • Switch on your sandwich toaster and give it a little time to heat up.
  • Add butter or vegetable oil to each of the sections, and allow to heat.
  • Pour the beaten egg into the sections. If adding cheese, sprinkle over the egg.
  • Close the lid and allow to cook for a minute or two, until the surface shows some browning.

Toasties-9635_thumb Toasties-9638_thumb Toasties-9640_thumb Toasties-9643_thumb Toasties-9645_thumb Toasties-9647_thumb Toasties-9649_thumb

So how were our little triangle omelettes? Surprisingly good, actually, with a light and fluffy interior and decent texture on the surfaces. Let me know what you think if you have a go.

Coming soon, a post on our favourite toasties!

Kavey Eats received a complimentary sandwich toaster from Waring.

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8 Comments to "Making Omelettes in a Sandwich Toaster!"

  1. Sarah

    Hmm, they look a little bit like the omelettes they give you for breakfast on long haul flights. Once they forgot my vegetarian meal on a 25-hour flight (+ 2-hour stopover). Instead, they removed the sausage from the side of the breakfast omelette and gave me this rubbery, airline, sausage grease-stained omelette every meal, for 5 meals. I couldn’t face omelette for about a decade afterwards, and still struggle sometimes. I’m afraid the sight of the sandwich toaster omelettes brings it all flooding back.

    Looking forward to seeing the sandwiches though. My favourite was always creamed corn and cheese.

  2. kaveyeats

    Oh gods, sausage-stained rubber omelettes 5 meals in a row would be enough to turn anyone off omelettes for a while.

    These were surprisingly light and soft and fluffy!

  3. Earthmaiden

    Looks interesting – but immediately made me think of French toast! I think it might work well for that – hope you will try it!

  4. celia

    It’s been an age since I’ve seen a proper old-fashioned sandwich maker – one that cuts the sandwich into diamonds. Oh that has brought back lovely memories, thanks Kavey. Mind you, we never tried making an omelette in one! 🙂


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