Ren’s Warm New Potato, Asparagus & Halloumi Salad + Rhubarb Posset

PARTNEREDPOSTAre you in the midst of kitchen and home renovations – like my friend and fellow food writer Ren Behan for the last year – and keen not to resort to ready meals and takeaways for every meal? Or perhaps you are just looking for tasty recipes that are quick and simple to make and don’t need a long list of equipment?

Either way, I recommend checking out Safestore’s Dinner Renovations series in which Ren is sharing some of her delicious, quick and simple meal ideas and tips for working in a tiny kitchen – or a building site!

In this video, Ren shows you how to make a delicious warm potato, asparagus and halloumi salad followed by roasted rhubarb and vanilla posset for dessert. You can download and print the full recipes from the site for more details.

SafeStore_RenBehan-5 SafeStore_RenBehan-7

Ren’s beautiful dessert combines a lemon and vanilla posset with honey roasted rhubarb on top.
You may also enjoy my 3 ingredient rhubarb posset recipe from last month!

Kavey Eats was commissioned to share this post by Safestore UK.





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10 Comments to "Ren’s Warm New Potato, Asparagus & Halloumi Salad + Rhubarb Posset"

  1. Nadia

    Kitchen renovations or not, I always welcome new ideas for easy and quick to put together recipe! 😀

  2. Lucy

    Well I am indeed on the midst of building work so these are most useful! Especially the rhubarb as I’ve been given a huge bagful today.

  3. Dannii

    Anything that can be put together with little space is good with me. The bonus is, this looks delicious too.


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