Travel Quote Tuesday | The Wanderlust Has Got Me

“The Wanderlust has got me… by the belly-aching fire.” ~ Robert W Service

Sometimes, just as I’m trying to be sensible and telling myself I’ll stay in my current (contract) job role as long as the client continue to request extensions for new projects… a little voice pipes up and screeches at me that no, no, no, it’s time to go! It’s time to wander and explore and thrill at the wide world out there waiting for me!

I have to remind myself that, whilst I totally believe in the importance of enjoying life day to day, that I also need and want to balance that with being sensible, creating a nest egg for our future years.

Sometimes, being sensible is hard… especially when the wanderlust is fiery hot in my belly!

Sunset in Kenya’s Meru National Park. Meru boasts a glorious landscape of wide flat grasslands punctuated by small rounded kills, known as kopje locally, from Dutch / Afrikaans.

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7 Comments to "Travel Quote Tuesday | The Wanderlust Has Got Me"

  1. Suruchi

    I can totally relate what you want to say. I too have high been bitten by wanderlust badly but my husband calms me down by explaining the same things.It is important to be sensible too.

  2. Taylor

    Ugh, this makes me want to go back to Kenya. I spent three weeks in the Meru region and I think I left a small piece of my heart there.

  3. umiko

    My young me can relate to the quote. But I’m not at that age anymore. Maybe once my son is in college. 😉 So, don’t let the wanderlust burns your belly for long!

  4. Mel Butler

    I just love this quote by Robert W Service The Wanderlust got me many years ago and I finally tool the plunge and left my 9-5 job 2 years ago… The wanderlust just keeps getting stronger.


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