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Uisce by Heaneys sits next door to its older sibling, and offers an altogether more casual vibe with a small plates menu in place of Heaneys’ tasting menus. It’s labelled as an oyster and wine bar but offers much more, its small plates menu to pick and choose from making it an ideal spot for a relaxed and delicious meal.

Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant

Needing to adapt for post-lockdown measures, Uisce reopened first in a large marquee in the restaurant’s car park, re-inviting diners inside in early September. Note that there’s only one regular table with chairs (for four); the rest of the seating is the kind of high benches and stools that look hip but are wholly unsuitable for many of us with mobility, hip or back issues.

The menu has crossovers with Heaneys, but it’s a build-your-own affair, with dishes divided into snacks, oysters, cold seafood, hot seafood and meat.

Dishes at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant (Kavey Eats) Chicken dish by Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant

From Snacks, and Oysters, we ordered Buttermilk Chicken, Hot Sauce (£5). Wonderfully crunchy morsels of fried chicken came with lightly pickled cucumbers and drizzles of hot sauce; a great choice to start the meal.

Oysters at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant Fried Oyster at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant

Next, from the oysters menu, one plump, sweet and juicy Carlingford Oyster (£2.75), a fresh oyster dressed in Vietnamese style (£3.5), and a deep fried oyster listed as Crispy, Apple, Chorizo Iberico (£4). All three were excellent and showcased a great range of ways to enjoy oysters. The Vietnamese dressing combined sweet, salty, and sour flavours with the warmth of ginger and spring onion; the deep fried oyster sat atop a generous pile of pickled fennel and mayo, which were surprisingly delicious with the slice of chorizo and battered mollusc. And that plain one was an absolute joy, needing no adornment whatsoever.

Dishes at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant (Kavey Eats) Dishes at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant (Kavey Eats)

The Cold section was so tempting we ordered all three items, plus one of the Hot dishes.

Mackerel dish at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant

On reading the menu, I wasn’t sure about the marriage of oily fish and tomato, but the Mackerel, Tomato, Elderflower Ajo Blanco (£10) worked very well, and how pretty are those decorative squid ink tuiles? The garlickly almond ajo blanco was subtle enough to complement rather than clash, and the brightness of sweet tomatoes turned out to be a pleasing contrast to the mackerel. Surprisingly good!

Monkfish dish at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant

Possibly my favourite dish of the meal, the Cured Monkfish, Broad Beans, Ginger, Spring Onion (£8) was absolutely packed with flavour, and I particularly loved the sweet addition of orange segments (and perhaps also zest?) to the fresh green of broad beans and spring onions. The fish was slippery soft, but not mushy – the meatiness of monkfish made it an excellent choice for this ceviche-like dish.

Beetroot dish at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant (Kavey Eats) Beetroot at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant

The Beetroot, Goats Cheese, Black Sugar, Seeds (£6.5) made us realise we’re simply not adventurous enough when it comes to making the best use of beetroot, usually roasting it plain and tossing cubes of it into salads or quiches. Not only was the dish beautiful to look at, the contrast between sweet beetroot, creamed goats cheese and mixed seeds gave us variety in every bite.

XO Scallop at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant

One large scallop served in three large chunks, the XO Scallop (£11) was expensive but worth every penny, and another of my favourite dishes. The sweetness of the scallop flesh against the pungent, salty, XO sauce with its punch of dried seafood and chilli, was so well balanced. I’d wondered whether the XO would cancel out the scallop, but the scallop totally held its own!

Dishes at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant (Kavey Eats)

Unable to choose between the two desserts, we ordered both. As you do.

Dessert at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant

The silky smooth texture of the Baked Buttermilk, Summer Berries, Elderflower (£6) was seductive, and the tang of buttermilk paired superbly with sweet and juicy fresh berries and berry sorbet. I couldn’t pick out the elderflower flavour, but the whole dish was wonderful.

Dessert at Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant

So too was Chocolate, Blueberry, Yogurt, Sesame Seed (£6), served with a scoop of caffe latte ice cream. I loved the intensity of coffee flavour in the ice cream, strong without any bitterness, but also not overly sweet. Likewise, the chocolate mousse delivered a beautifully balanced dark chocolate hit, neither overly sweet (as chocolate mousses so often are), nor too bitter, and again, its texture was silken and melting. The sesame brandy snaps contributed crunch and sweetness, with little bursts of juiciness coming from the blueberries. For me, the yoghurt jarred, it’s sourness too astringent for the gentle flavours of chocolate mousse and coffee ice cream, it was the only sour note of the dish.

Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant (Kavey Eats) Uisce by Heaneys Cardiff restaurant (Kavey Eats)

I must say thank you for a particularly lovely and personal touch. Having tweeted my excitement that morning about our imminent anniversary visit to Uisce for lunch, we were given this sweet card shortly after we sat down. Since the (modern) gift associated with 26 years of marriage is artwork, it was charmingly appropriate!

We absolutely loved our lunch at Uisce. With every dish bringing joy and delight, this is very much our kind of small plates menu, and we’ll certainly be back for more in the months to come.


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8 Comments to "Uisce by Heaneys | Cardiff"

  1. Alison Freehold

    I love the details you go into, it really brings the restaurant & menu alive. The photos were great too & the dishes themselves visually beautiful.

  2. TeamNotfeafy

    Really enjoyed reading your review. So pleased you enjoyed Tommy Heaney & team’s flavour wizardry (couldn’t fail to, really). They’re lovely people too – what a great card! The Tent menu was tricky for the likes of us but we’ve had some amazing & surprising dishes at the older sibling Heaneys & will do again! Their guest-chef nights lend an added collaborative dimension that’s hard to miss. We reviewed one Tommy did with Michael Bremner – when the flavours just kept coming!

  3. Sage Scott

    Everything looks soooooo amazing! (And is so beautifully plated!) I was trying to think of what I’d move to the top of my “must try” list, and I just can’t narrow it down. Yum!

  4. Valerie

    I love it when restaurants go the extra mile to present their food so beautifully! Somehow it makes the experience all the more gratifying, aside from the great flavors.

  5. kaveyeats

    Hi Molly, the menu is quite brief so it didn’t have a lot but I would drop them a line and find out whether they could accommodate a vegan menu with advance notice, they may be able to help!


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