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I’ve shared this as a travel quote, but it applies to everyday life as much as to our actions when we are travelling. In all things, we are reminded to think of our planet, to be gentle with the earth, so as not to cause damage. The quote is by Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thích Nhất Hạnh, who now lives in the Dordogne region of France, but travels internationally to teach and to give talks.

I always feel a little guilt about travelling, knowing as we do the environmental cost – the carbon footprint as we call it – of flying. I try to balance the selfishness of making this footprint with an attempt to be careful in all the small ways that can make a difference. Choosing to buy food and other items with the minimum of packaging, ensuring that everything that can be recycled is recycled, by buying locally, and seasonally during those months when we have plenty of locally grown produce available.

There is always more that I could do.

I’d love to hear from fellow travellers about how you balance the cost of your carbon footprint – and what you do to kiss the earth more gently.

(c) Kavita Favelle - Thích Nhat Hanh - Kew Gardens

As a keen reader of science-fiction and with a rather vivid imagination, when I come across unusual plants such as this one from a trip to Kew Gardens, I sometimes conjure up in my mind a little alien creature with tendril-like hands and eyes on stalks…!

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17 Comments to "Travel Quote Tuesday | Thích Nhất Hạnh"

  1. Elizabeth

    Such a beautiful quote! I too feel guilty for travelling, especially as where I live there are no lower carbon options for just getting off the island. So difficult.

  2. Nadia

    What a lovely quote. I don’t get the chance to travel much, but I do try to do whatever I can to minimise my impact on this planet. I avoid meat, food waste and I recycle. I also try not to throw out perfectly good items just to replace them with new ones. If I do, I try to give as much as I can to charity shops. Buying items in plastic containers is something I need to work harder at though.

  3. Siddhartha Joshi

    Thanks for the post Kavita. I think it’s a good reminder to become conscious and responsible for our actions, travelling or not. I have started reusing so many things now when I travel…it’s little and I need to do more. Reminders like these are important…

  4. Reshma

    Such a beautiful quote! And I’m guilty as well, and I try to make amends in different ways. Words like these need to be heard often!

  5. Maartje

    Beautiful quote! I try to eat as many locally produced fruits, vegetables and other products. I don’t eat meat which makes my footprint smaller. Plus I cycle to go to friends and work. There is a lot of things one can do in daily life and during travels to reduce your own footprint.

  6. Lillie

    I’d never heard this quotation, and it makes my heart flutter, and mind think. For me, I’ve been focusing on bags: as a mom, there are so many occasions where we might throw away bags after use, but I’m trying to find second and third uses for them as much as possible. Also using old cardboard boxes as play areas for my kids, which they love better than any fancy toy!


    I have to admit to being a bit more conscious of wasting electricity at home these days. Everyone thinks little things can’t make a difference but if millions of people do little things it’s a big deal.

  8. Loredana

    What an inspiring quote! Indeed it’s up to us to protect our planet, to keep it as we find it, no matter where we go:)

  9. Sarah

    I do fly, and I think about these things too. I don’t have a good solution since I want to explore as much as I can while I can, and that means flying. Im impressed by how many bikers and solar panels I”m seeing in Austria – maybe something to think about as energy alternatives when I return home

  10. Jhon Simth

    i really like your travel quote of Tuesday, now i jut thing about making plan of traveling.


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