Travel Quote Tuesday | Robert Louis Stevenson

Some travel solo and make friends along the way; others travel with a friend with whom they can share their experiences.

Most of my travelling is with Pete, but we still make new friends along the way. Last year our month in Japan was even more wonderful because we spent happy days and evenings with several friends we had made online and on previous trips to Japan. Some have visited the UK too, and we’ve been able to share some of our home with them in return.

The world is such a vast place but the connection of people – across oceans, across national borders, across cultures – makes it feel so much smaller.

Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus)

This is another image from the Falkland Islands trip.

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10 Comments to "Travel Quote Tuesday | Robert Louis Stevenson"

  1. [email protected]

    How wonderful for you, Kavey. I’m less fortunate in that my dear husband tries to avoid meeting new people on holiday at all costs! Well, not that drastic. He does speak. 🙂 Andrew has to listen intently to other people for work so his holiday includes a break from speaking to people he doesn’t know. Weird but true. Anyway, I should who him this quote. 🙂


    That’s fair enough! Pete’s not as gregarious as me, and if left to him we’d not meet and chat to people on holiday either, but he’s happy enough if I do all the organising and most of the talking!

  2. kaveyeats

    Yes, it’s been so lovely to do that, and on the last (third) trip, we met two friends we’d met both of our previous visits too, was wonderful.

  3. Gary Berry

    Lovely. Nice with the friends connection, but also your image! I have alot of family history in the Falklands too! Yet I’ve still never been!


    Oh then you should go. If you’re into wildlife watching, particularly birds, them you must. It has beautiful landscapes too.


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