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I love the writings of Maya Angelou – she had such an incredible talent for describing the human condition, for capturing the very essence of human behaviour, feelings and motivations in the most poetic of ways. A prolific poet, writer and civil rights activist, she died in 2014 at the grand old age of 86, leaving behind her the most incredible body of work and influence.

Travel as a way to dispel prejudice and bigotry, to forge understanding and friendship across borders, to make a huge world seem smaller… is surely one of the most wonderful things about travelling.

(c) Kavita Favelle - Maya Angelou - Japan

One of the little details we noticed and loved on our first trip to Japan and all our visits since, is the beauty of Japanese kusari doi (rain chains). These take the place of vertical drainpipes, hung beneath the hole in a horizontal gutter, rain water falls into the top vessel in the chain and pours gently down from one to the next, all the way to the ground. The individual pieces are often shaped like flowers or lanterns.

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