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“I want to hang a map of the world in my house, and then I’m gonna put pins into all the locations that I’ve traveled to. But first I’m gonna have to travel to the top two corners of the map so it won’t fall down.” ~ Mitch Hedberg

I love seeing maps that show all the places in the world I’ve visited so far!

For many years we’ve had a world map on our study wall with yellow pins to show places Pete and I have both visited, and purple pins to show where I’ve been but he’s not. No pins for him on his own as he didn’t really travel before we met. We even have some flag pins we use for places we’ve booked a trip to but not yet visited – anticipatory markers, if you like!

But we didn’t use a very good pinboard beneath the map and pins are constantly falling out, including the corner ones holding the map itself to the board. And there have been some sweary moments when I’ve trodden on a fallen pin barefoot on my way to or from the toilet in the middle of the night!

So when I read this quote, it made me giggle out loud!

We’ve agreed we need to replace our tatty map for something bigger, and maybe we can use magnets or stickers instead of pins to mark the spots.

Do you have a map where you record your travels?

Winter snow scene of a mountain in Abisko, Sweden

As it fitting to the quote, this photograph was taken in Abisko, Sweden which is up in the Arctic circle. In winter, when we visited, the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon and the brightest it gets in the day is this gloomy blue. Beautiful, though!

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14 Comments to "Travel Quote Tuesday | The Top Of The Map"

  1. Megan Jerrard

    This made me giggle out loud too lol we have a map mounted in our living room, though we don’t pin board it, as fun as that sounds! We do have one of those scratch maps though where you scratch off a country after you’ve visited and it changes color – they’re super fun!


    Yeah we got my dad one of those, he’s so well travelled it took him hours and hours!!!

  2. Rachelle

    I too laughed out loud, and then glanced at the map hanging next to my desk at work. It’s snowing outside and the thought of traveling to Alaska and Siberia doesn’t seem all that appealing right now, haha! My map has different color pins for each of my friends and I, showing where we’ve been and where we’d like to go. Surrounding the map are postcards that we’ve sent to the office while visiting those locations. It’s a fun gathering place and opens up a lot of conversations!


    I love the idea of this shared map showing the places all of your team have been, and surrounding it with postcards!!

  3. Amy @ Family Globetrotters

    On our last visit to Paris, we bought a black and white cartoon version of the city. when we got home, my daughter, my partner and I coloured in all the places we visited and we have framed it up as a memento of our time there. We hope to go back again so that we can colour in the rest of the city!

  4. Sina @ Secret Traveller

    I used to have a scratch world map which was fun but unfortunately lost it when we moved. Need to get a new map soon to hang up because it’s so much fun just looking at it where to go next 🙂


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