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“You are only given one life, one chance at fully living it … take risks, believe in your dreams, explore the world and her people, live out loud!” ~ Danell Lynn

Putting aside whether or not you believe in an afterlife or reincarnation, we humans have only one life in these earthly bodies of ours, and one chance to live it to the full.

For me, it’s always been a balancing act between working hard – to build a good home, an emergency fund and a nest egg for our retirement years – and spending the time and money to enjoy life and follow as many of our dreams as we can along the way.

If you are are fortunate enough to be in a position that leaves you with disposable income (after you’ve paid bills, and put some away for that rainy day fund and your retirement), then do think hard about how you want to spend it and whether you are giving a fair share to “living out loud”, as Lynn calls it!

I have met many people who yearn to travel the world (and have the money to do so), but tell me they’ll wait and do it when their kids have grown up and left home, or that they’ll do it after they retire from their working life… And somehow their “one day” never comes; suddenly something happens and they’ve missed the last boat to fulfilling those dreams.

I imagine I’m lying on my proverbial deathbed, taking my last few breaths as I relive my life, and hope I’ll be grateful for the cherished memories of many wonderful trips and other happy activities… learning pottery, setting up my mum’s website of Indian recipes and seeing her joy in the positive responses, or even creating this blog of mine! I can’t imagine reminiscing so enthusiastically about getting a new bathroom or kitchen (both things I have saved up for and intended to do but then spent the money on travel instead)!

Cusco, Peru rooftops - “You are only given one life, one chance at fully living it … take risks, believe in your dreams, explore the world and her people, live out loud!” ~ Danell Lynn

A view over the rooftops of Cusco in Peru, in 2005. I loved the deep greens and blues of the mountains as backdrop to the sea of red tiled roofs.

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2 Comments to "Travel Quote Tuesday | Live Out Loud!"

  1. Sandy N Vyjay

    This is another quote that is close to our hearts. Indeed life is so ephemeral that one needs to make most of it. Time fleets by and the only way to live it is by living each and every moment as if it were the last. Travel and doing what gives you happiness is something that stays with you till your last breath as wonderful memories.

  2. Ami Bhat

    The one day sometimes gets too late. If you have the opportunity, definitely head out and create those multiple one days. Those memories will definitely make you well lived


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