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Ah Firefly. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the premature ending of that most wonderful of series! This line is from the theme song, called The Ballad of Serenity – a sad tale of a soldier who has seen lands burn and seas boil, seen far too many comrades and loved ones die and now roams the galaxy in his spaceship, Serenity.

But the message is surely much broader and more positive too… Wherever we travel, the sky belongs to all of us!

(c) Kavita Favelle - Joss Whedon - Namibia

Far enough back in time that this was taken on film and the negative scanned to digital, this is from our first trip to Namibia. We fell head over heels for the beauty of the Namib Desert; the deep red dunes covered in May by golden blonde grass that rippled as the wind raced through it, the enigmatic fairy circles – thousands and thousands of them, like freckles marking the landscape, as we flew overhead on our arrival; the fascinating flora and fauna that give this place its Living Desert nickname. And our gorgeous luxury safari camp, Wolwedans, in the NamibRand Nature Reserve; each of the chalets sits upon a raised platform and houses a huge canopied bed, ensuite bathroom and chairs on the deck; two of the walls are made of thick canvas that can be rolled up and left completely open throughout the night so that you go to sleep to the twinkling of stars and galaxies and wake to the cold air and warm light of sunrise, watching the sunlight race across the dunes, changing the colours through every shade of red, amber and gold.

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24 Comments to "Travel Quote Tuesday | Joss Whedon"

  1. Gary Berry

    I have never heard of Firefly! But speaking of skies I’m still in love with those from my recent trip to Bordeaux recently. Some of the best sunsets in the world – even more so than the Maldives can you believe it!


    If you enjoy science fiction, you may like it! And gosh, I don’t remember Bordeaux sunsets being particularly amazing when we visited but will happily visit again to enjoy them!

  2. Anne

    I would love to visit Namibia for those skies and the sand dunes. I’ve never travelled much in Africa but am heading to Zanzibar in October and South Africa next year so I’m trying to change that


    Do add Namibia to your list. May June is a great time to visit, and it really is so beautiful, and quite unlike anywhere else.

  3. kaveyeats

    It’s a wonderful place to visit with kids, it’s safe and beautiful and different and many of the camps specialist guides are great with kids and keeping them interested.

  4. kaveyeats

    It’s not really one of those that’s spread around as a quote, it’s a line from the song, but it has always resonated with me since I fell for the Firefly series that uses the song for its theme.


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