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J R R Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings is a wonderful trilogy, full of the most amazing adventures, both wondrous and terrifying. At its heart is the journey of self discovery that occurs during the perilous physical journey to Mordor. Travel is often an opportunity to discover more about oneself, to grow as a person, to widen one’s knowledge and horizons, to find new interests… and this book is the perfect metaphor for that experience.

For me, the road is simply a metaphor for wherever I set my eyes on next.

(c) Kavita Favelle - JRR Tolkien - Iceland

Pete and I spent a fortnight in Iceland during the height of summer, enjoying the long days full of luminescent bright light interpersed with the most vicious of storms. We rented a car to drive around the main ringroad, discovering many beautiful and rural villages along the way. This one is called Hólar.

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  1. kaveyeats

    Thanks Fiona, I think you’d love Iceland. It’s a fascinating place. We went in summer to appreciate lots of long daylight hours and really enjoy the natural landscape but winter visits for the aurora borealis and snow are also popular!


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