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I have no idea whether there’s a correlation between those who love science fiction and those who love to travel. It seems to me – as a lover of both – that there ought to be! For me, both are rooted in a curiosity about the unknown and a delight in exploring every corner of our world, and outwards into our universe. If I can’t yet do both in person, I can at least do so in my imagination!

I am not such an intrepid explorer as some. I have neither the stamina, the fortitude nor the mindset to map the unmapped, to accept the discomfort and uncertainty of that kind of endeavour. I am greatly impressed by those who do.

But I do take enormous joy in visiting the many corners of our world, in seeing the incredible diversity we have on our one tiny planet, in meeting those who are just the same as us and yet completely different.

If only I had a TARDIS at my disposal, oh can you only imagine?!

(c) Kavita Favelle - Doctor Who - Iceland

During our holiday to Iceland, we were astonished by the sheer changeability of the landscape. Every mile, we might round a corner and see yet another completely different, and often very alien, environment. I said at the time that it felt rather like being a location scout for Doctor Who because surely Iceland’s surreal scenery could represent a thousand and one alien worlds?!

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4 Comments to "Travel Quote Tuesday | Doctor Who"

  1. Mamta Gupta

    Having been there only last year, I know what you mean. It is a beautiful place, water falls, little rivers, mountains, miles of wilderness, icebergs, geysers, birds, nature’s beauty wherever you look. Food is good and natives very friendly. It is at our doorstep and you don’t need to learn a new language. What more could you ask for a week’s break?

  2. Gary Berry

    I love this! My fav quote yet. I’m a big Doctor Who fan, scifi geek and really want to visit Iceland! When you see these surreal environments it makes me think back to how life first started perhaps.

  3. Fiona Maclean

    I was at Uni with the son of the original Doctor Who Director. (Daleks and Cybermen). Apparently much of the early episodes were filmed on Mull, which is the ‘Maclean’ island – it doesn’t look dissimilar


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