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Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” So said Anatole France, a French poet, journalist and novelist whose literary career spanned more than 50 years from the mid 19th century through to the 1920s.

I think sometimes about these words. I don’t know if I believe mankind ever had any particular harmony with the universe. I think it’s more likely that our world and the existence of mankind upon it is such a tiny and insignificant thing to the universe, that the universe only barely registers what we are doing down here on earth.

But perhaps his words are more about the natural propensity of mankind to move and to explore? Perhaps the wanderlust that compels so many of us to travel comes from an instinct deep within us, something that is part of being human, part of what we bring to the universe? I’m not really sure, but those are the thoughts this little quote inspires in me.

What does it say to you?

(c) Kavita Favelle - Anatole France - Hakone Japan

I know I keep using photos from Japan, but I find it’s a country that really inspires my photography.

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20 Comments to "Travel Quote Tuesday | Anatole France"

  1. Rachelle

    I think this quote refers to going back to the fundamentals that we had back before all this technology and other distractions. It gets us back to our core and focuses on what really matters.

  2. Marvi

    Great quote Kavey! This really got me thinking… With this digital age, it is very important to have a break from all our gadgets, social media and the like and focus more on the beauty that is in nature. To visit new places and explore new things without the need to frequently update our profiles is a great way to keep in touch with ourselves and with nature.

  3. Meagan

    The beauty of this quote is there are many ways to interpret it. I agree with you, though, that it seems to speak to that deep compulsion so many of us have to leave our homes and be in awe of the outside world. If we ever we in harmony with the universe, I think it was probably before we could get information at the drop of a hat and before we were able to explain so much of the function of the universe – when we existed in a state of awe and respect for the world, I think we were likely more in harmony with it (instead of thinking we’re the masters of it). Thank you so much for such a thought-provoking prompt!

  4. neha

    totally agree with the quote. However, in the modern world, maybe we can add to that saying, if wondering is done in an eco friendly way, without disturbing the biospheres where one wanders.

  5. Alouise

    Great quote. I’d never heard of it before. For me traveling reminds me to be connected to the universe, and other people. Unexpected things happen and you never know what you’ll see and experience. There’s a simplicity in that. To me that’s the universal harmony of travel.

  6. Madhurima Maiti

    It’s such an amazing quote! I had not read this before and it really makes me think. It reflects exactly the way I connect to travelling. For me, it’s also connecting to people and the universe, it’s about discovering the universal brotherhood. Very well chosen quote. Thanks for the post 🙂

  7. Harsh Gupta

    That’s a beautiful thought with such a deep, nice meaning behind it. We as travelers feel like a part of a community when we are traveling, paying attention to the environment especially in beautiful locations. We must wander in an eco-friendly way to attain the balance with the universe.

  8. Carmen Baguio

    I try not to get that deep when thinking about travel. We love the outdoors, but don’t believe there can ever truly be harmony between man and nature. We have too much respect for nature to believe that. Mother nature will always put us in our place.

  9. Paula - Gone with the Wine

    I love these quotes! They usually reflect how someone sees traveling or what they have experienced. I also totally understand the pictures from Japan 😉 We visited Japan a year ago and I still keep making posts about our trip. Japan is very special place!

  10. Kirstie

    This quote reminds us to be in touch of nature again. Traveling gets you in touch with your environment, with the universe. When you travel you have one mission, to appreciate your destination, so you focus on that. 🙂

  11. Jose Harvey

    This is an interesting quote because I believe the natural state of man is nomadic. We wandered about in the wild in pursuit of food and such. Our modern lives keeps us in one place but there’s a lot to be said about wandering! Great inspiration!

  12. Swayam Tiwari

    Wandering can have many meanings and not just physical movements. I differ from the writer in the sense that until you quieten your mind, you won’t find harmony.

  13. Tami

    I think the more mankind wanders and explores the world (and universe), the greater respect there is, and a greater appreciation and awe. That would be a sort of harmony, wouldn’t it?

  14. Jennifer Melroy

    I like how travel and exploring get me away from technology and remind me to look. I think to many people are lost in technology that they have forgotten the world around them.

  15. Suruchi

    That is such a deep nice quote. I personally feel that everyone should leave their social and digital life for days behind to bind with universe. There is some deep rooted connection of human with universe. Moreover this time will help one to understand themselves too.


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