Travel Quote Tuesday | Travel Makes You Richer

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” (Unknown author)

I don’t agree that it’s the only thing – what about books (both fictional and non-fiction); classes (or any kind of learning experience); music and artworks that give you joy; high quality and delicious ingredients and food (as opposed to the cheapest ‘fuel’ that will keep you alive); the services of a specialist or expert that either enhance your life or buy you back time that you can spend doing more of the things you enjoy; charitable donations, fundraising or volunteering for organisations that conserve wildlife and our environment, or that research cures for a multitude of diseases and ailments…

…I’d love to know what else you’d add to the list?

But I understand the sentiment behind the quote, which is of course talking about richness of life rather than material wealth.

We all need shelter, clothing, food, sanitation, plus things like healthcare, personal care, education, the tools of communication… And, for the vast majority of us, we must of course buy them. When we have disposable income left after taking care of our base needs, that’s when we get to invest in things that enrich our lives…

Travel teaches us about the world around us, about other people and cultures, about politics and food and life and death, about geography and history, about our own capabilities and our limitations… it throws all kinds of experiences our way and engages every one of our senses, and our emotions too. It creates the most enduring of memories, and often new friendships. We develop ourselves, build knowledge, increase our skills and we grow and change in ways that are almost impossible to foresee.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Unknown

This was taken during our first trip to Antarctica.

I loved the backdrop of our ship behind this lone King Penguin crossing the pebble beach towards the penguin colony.

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17 Comments to "Travel Quote Tuesday | Travel Makes You Richer"

  1. Ketki

    I love the way you write these quotes wrapped in a story.Look forward to more of them.

  2. Jon Jared

    Travel does have its own rewards that often appear once you are on the journey. Might even say, always appear after you’ve stepped off the plane.

  3. Grzegorz

    Love a great travel quote! For me it’s the felling of discovery, when traveling. Even though, others have already been there and done it, still feels like I’m the first one there 🙂

  4. Marquita

    I actually have this quote over my bathroom tub. I love the quote as traveling has made me appreciate things my country offers, learning new life perspectives and new cultures. Some things come and go that you buy like music but those travel experiences are forever!

  5. Victoria

    I couldn’t agree more! Many people can’t understand why I like to get away so much. Travel broadens your scope beyond your locality!

  6. Daniel

    It’s something I say always when people ask me why do you travel so much and why don’t you settle in already 🙂

  7. Marvi

    Love your quote as always! Traveling does allow us to become open minded and definitely does make us more ‘rich’ and ‘wiser’ beyond our years because of the day to day experiences we discover while on the road. 🙂

  8. Ash

    Being “rich” is relative and can mean differently to many different people. The quote’s author may be so passionate about travels that he considers it the “only” thing that makes him richer.

  9. Dorene

    Well you have definitely thought about this quote interestingly I have too. – I agree there are many other things as you mentioned – especially books and knowledge. I think Experiences is a better word than travel — and probably enriched is a better word than richer — Experiences certainly enrich you more than buying anything else!

  10. Medha

    I agree, it does make you richer no doubt but it’s not the ONLY thing. There are so many experiences and s you mentioned, books, learning, education – they’re all bought and they all make one richer 🙂

  11. Marissa

    I completely agree with this! What’s the point of working long hours every week to make 6 figures if you aren’t happy with your life? Travel has made me happier in ways nothing else has.

  12. Kirstie

    I always believe that everyone should know their culture and history, and travelling around your country is the best way to do that! Of course, once you learn about your own, learning about others’ culture is just as important!

  13. Sandy N Vyjay

    Travel does make you richer in so many intangible ways. But I agree with you that it is not the only one. As you point out Books are something you buy that enriches you in a million ways. It makes you the person you are and touches you in so many ways throughout your life. Books are the real treasures of the world.

  14. Ami Bhat

    So true, travel does make you richer in ways that you never imagined or even can quantify. The memories and the experiences can never be substituted by physical money. They are just priceless. well captured!

  15. Suruchi Mittal

    You are so right there and you actually gave a deep thought to it. We believe Travel is the best teacher as the experiences you get through it, you will never get through books or teachers. So, it makes one richer with life experiences and memories.

  16. Nisha

    Love this one. I think he is right. Travel in a sense is quite a learning experience. But of course it makes one less richer financially when you have to pay for all the travels. One cannot doscount the value of money too.,

  17. eli

    One of my favorite quotes. I regret a lot of purchases in my life but I don’t think I’ve ever regretted a trip or a great adventure


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