The London Foodie Japanese Supper Club

The best way to explain The London Foodie Japanese Supper Club is in Luiz’ own words:

“The aim of my supper club is to recreate the kind of food I used to eat at home, cooked by my Japanese family in Sao Paolo, or the cuisine I learned during the time I lived in Japan. This is not an unsophisticated style of cooking, but neither is it the kind of Japanese food familiar in the UK – no sushi rolls or sashimi is on the menu tonight.”

Having enjoyed Luiz’ cooking a number of times in the days before he gave up his job in investment-banking to gain a Cordon Blue Grand Diplome (and also made an extended trip to Japan to further expanded his knowledge and skills), I finally booked to attend his Japanese Supper Club, hosted in his beautiful North London home.

On arrival, we gathered in the living room where we were served soft drinks or complimentary G&Ts and some delicious canapes of Leek and Tofu Gyoza with home-made Teriyaki sauce and Shichimi (Japanese seven spices) Popcorn.

Downstairs, the real feast began:

LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0312 LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0314
Starter 1 – Sea Bass Sushi “Gangnam Style” with Garlic-Soy Jus, Pickled Daikon & Carrots, Spinach and Sesame


LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0316 LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0318
Starter 2 – “Nasu Dengaku” – Grilled Aubergine, Miso Dengaku & Mozzarella cheese


LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0321 LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0325
Main 1 – Pork Belly, Cod & Seafood Nabe Hotpot in a Spicy Dashi Broth


LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0338 LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0334
LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0335 LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0337
LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0333 LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0340
Accompaniment – Tempura of Courgette Flower Stuffed with Scallop, Tofu and Lemon Mousse and Broccoli and Oyster Mushroom


LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0341 LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0342LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0343 LuizJapaneseSupperClubMay2013-0344
Main 2 – Pan-fried Beef & Vegetable Maki Rolls in a Rich Soy & Mirin Sauce


Accompaniment – “Tamagoyaki” Sweet, multi-layered Japanese Omelette

Accompaniment – Edamame rice, mange-tout, spring onions (not pictured)


Dessert – Flourless Chocolate Cake with Armagnac Prunes served with Quenelle of Homemade Green Tea Ice Cream

Guests were also treated to a complimentary glass of dessert wine.


As you can see, this was an epic feast. Every course was absolutely superb and I am sure you’ll agree that the suggested donation of £38 (plus service at your discretion) is an excellent deal. It’s also BYOB (no corkage), so you can bring whatever you like, whether that’s wine, beer or something soft.

Oh and be prepared to be sociable, this is an informal supper club in a private home and guests are seated together at long communal tables. I had a lovely evening talking about food, travel and all kinds of random topics with the two lovely ladies at my end of the table.

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9 Comments to "The London Foodie Japanese Supper Club"

  1. Michael Toa

    Honestly, I cannot wait to be back in the UK and book my place at the London foodie supper club. The food looks – and I have no doubt that it tastes – amazing! *drools…

  2. shuhan

    Luiz’s supperclub is still one of the best ever that I’ve gone to. Food is gorgeous, and everythign is prepared with such care and thought into the flavours and ingredients. i love that he puts his own touch to Japanese food, yet still staying through to the cuisine. Need to make it down to another soon!

  3. Meemalee

    Food looks amazing as always but god – Luiz looks so well and so young! His new life as a chef clearly agrees with him 🙂

  4. Vintage Macaroon

    I was thinking the same thing Meemalee. Luiz looks like he is thoroughly enjoying his new career. His new kitchen (well not that new anymore), looks great too! I hope I can sit in it again next year 🙂


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