The Kavey Eats Christmas 2013 Gift Guide

Having put so much time and effort into creating my previous Christmas gift guides, it’s lovely to be asked by regular readers when my 2013 one will be ready. Of course, that’s hugely gratifying – it makes me very happy that people find my gift guides helpful – but does put the pressure on when I’m running a bit late! So, to those who have been eagerly awaiting this post, thanks for your patience and I hope you find some items you like!

You may notice I got a little caught up in tea towels but, stay with me, I move on eventually!

Note, some items are from international stores, with prices shown in Euros or dollars, appropriately.


3D Space Cookie Cutters


Do you remember my delight at the 3D safari cookie cutters I found last year? Well, how about these 3D Space Cookie Cutters, also from Suck UK? There are 4 different designs and each one costs £7.50. with free delivery.


Super Badger Coffee Set


How cute are these Super Badger Coffee Cups by Jimbobart? Available for £45 (plus £4.95 delivery) via Culture Label. Check out his other products on the same site – there are several other funky stacked coffee cup sets and a range of plates, all featuring foxes and bears and badgers.


Muji Wooden Nutcracker


I much prefer the bowl and screw type of nutcrackers to the hinged ones, and this pretty Wooden Nutcracker from Muji is an attractive option. £9.95 (plus £2.95 delivery).


Muji Stainless Steel Colanders


Also from Muji are these stainless steel colanders. I really like the simple shape and style. Available in three sizes (Small 15cm, Medium 18cm and Large 21cm) they cost £6.95, £7.95 and £8.95 respectively (plus £2.95 delivery per order).


Harvey Nichols Honey

HN honey1 HN honey3 HN honey2

This French Rosemary Honey, English Wildflower Honey and Scottish Heather Honey from Harvey Nichols are just £3.95 a jar. Delivery is £6 but if you live near a store, you can buy online for collection instead.


Food Themed Heritage Playing Cards

the-famous-mushrooms-illustrated-playing-cards the-famous-fruits-of-the-world-playing-cards the-famous-vegetable-garden-playing-cards
the-famous-herbs-playing-cards-illustrated the-famous-spices-playing-cards-illustrated

There are ten different sets of heritage playing cards available from Steenbergs Organic, of which my favourites are these five food-themed ones featuring mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs. Each set is £3.88 (plus £4.50 flat rate delivery).


Death Star Tea Infuser


Made from stainless steel, with a cute Tie Fighter counter balance, I like this clever take on a regular globe infuser. Death Star Tea Infuser, $19.99 (plus $9.64 economy shipping to UK), from Think Geek.


T Bird Swing Tea Infuser

birdinfuser birdinfuser2

Another adorable tea infuser, this time in the form of a swinging bird. Designed by Kozihaus, the T Bird is available in green or purple from Travelling Souk for £9.50 plus £2.95 delivery.


Sagaform Retro Stoneware

retro1 retro2
retro3 retro4

Isn’t this retro Acacia Stoneware design by Sagaform wonderful? Very much the kind of thing I love (and am sometimes lucky enough to find in charity shops). If you prefer retro style but new products, you can buy the Small Sagaform Retro Storage Jar for £12.60 (plus £2 delivery), the Large Sagaform Retro Storage Jar for £22.99 (with free delivery), a two pack of Sagaform Retro Mugs for £15.70 (with free delivery) and the Sagaform Retro Teapot for £29.99 (plus £2 delivery), from Amazon UK.


Citrus Trees

BuddhasHand2013sepL BuddhasHand2013OctcloseupL

I have been meaning to buy a citrus tree for ages, and there’s a nice selection available from Plants 4 Presents. The large Buddhas Hand (90 cm tall in a 5 litre pot) pictured is £40 (plus £6.50 delivery). I‘m tempted by the calamondin too.


Japanese Tetsubin

2 giftorienttetsubin 1 giftorienttetsubin 5 giftorienttetsubin
3 giftorienttetsubin 4 giftorienttetsubin 6 giftorienttetsubin

Gifts of the Orient have a superb range of tetsubin – Japanese cast iron tea pots or kettles, including the ones I’ve picked out above. Prices range from £34.99 to £299 (though most are less than £60). Some come with trivets, some with cups and some with tea included.

kasumi-red tenshi-green tenshi-purple

Exotic Teapot have a smaller range, but very well priced and some great modern designs. Kettles are £28.00 – £46.00, with trivets and cups sold separately.


Japanese Cast Iron Windchimes

zm1 zm3 zm2 zm4
zm6 zm5 zm7 zm8

And talking of Japanese cast iron, I also love these cast iron windchimes available from Zen Minded on Amazon UK. Priced £7.95 to £14.95 each (plus £3.75 delivery). Here are the links: Green Owl, Yellow Fir Cone (check colour, image shows yellow but description reads green), Green Firefly, Violet & Gold Temple Bell, Green Temple Bell, Brown Round Owl, Brown Owl and Green Pine Cone.


Eat For Great Britain Tea Towel


The price tag of £8.50 (plus £1.20 delivery) makes this Eat For Great Britain Tea towel from Hidden Art an affordable and fun gift for lovers of a great British breakfast!


Edward Monkton Pasta Tea Towel


I’ve been a fan of Edward Monkton for many years and even though the range is now ubiquitous, it still makes me smile; this Edward Monkton Your Inner Pasta Tea Towel is no different. £6.00 (with free delivery) from Amazon UK.


Scrabble Tea Towel


This Scrabble Tea Towel works as both tea towel and travelling game board. £8.95 (plus £1.99 delivery) from Amazon UK.


Guess Who? Tea Towel


Another on the theme of childhood games: A game that’s caused many moments of hilarity in my lifetime is Guess Who? This Guess Who Tea Towel is £7.99 (plus £3.95) from Not The Usual.


Operation Tea Towel


Yes, and another one! This Operation Tea Towel is £7.99 (plus £1.50 delivery) from Amazon UK.


Butcher Print Tea Towel

original_butcher-s-meat-cuts-tea-towel 2 original_butcher-s-meat-cuts-tea-towel

Available in two colour ways – black on white or white on charcoal grey – this Butcher Print Tea Towel is £9 (plus £1.75 delivery) from Not On The High Street. I don’t know whether I’d frame it or dry the dishes with it!


Tunnocks Teacake Tea Towel


Warming to the tea towel theme, how about this Tunnocks Teacake Tea Towel by Gillian Kyle? £9.50 (plus £2.75 delivery) from Not On The High Street.


Fox Tea Towels with DIY Cut & Sew Instructions

original_Fox_Kit original_Fox_Tea_Towel_1mb original_felix-the-fox-tea-towel-or-cloth-kit

I don’t know whether Mibo’s Fox or Sarah Young’s Felix the Fox came first, but I really like both of them, available from Not On The High Street. Either use as tea towels or cut and sew into cushion toys. Priced at £12.95 (+ £1.95) and £11 (free delivery) respectively. Mibo has a lion version too. Sarah Young offers lion, hare, owl, cat and doll versions.


Cockney Rhyming Slang Tea Towel


There are a few Cockney Rhyming Slang Tea Towels on the market, but my favourite is this one by Victoria Eggs, available from Not On The High Street £9.95 including delivery.


Victoria Eggs London Tea Towel

vic eggs london

Another Victoria Eggs design, this London Tea Towel is £8.00 (with free delivery) from Amazon UK. Her Scottish dinner design (same price) is also cool.


Ecologie Fish and Mushroom Tea Towels

ecologie fish ecologie mushroom

These marvellous Ecologie Fish and Ecologie Mushroom tea towels are available from Gift Republic via Amazon UK. Fish is £8.49, mushroom is £9.99, delivery is free on both.


London Underground Tea Towel


I love the iconic London Underground Map! Here it is on a tea towel, available from Amazon UK for £3.99 (plus £1.50 delivery).


Legumes en bocaux – Canning Vegetables Tea Towel


The Williams Sonoma store is full of goodies. As a fan of home preserving, I like this set of vegetable canning tea towels, $19.95. International shipping requires a US billing address.


Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing

sweartowel1 sweartowel2

Although this one is self-labelled as a tablecloth, it seems to be most commonly sold as a tea towel. I think it’s probably best used as a wall hanging myself. Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing, £8.50 (plus £3 delivery) from Pick Me Up London.


Nina Jarema Folkore Tea Towel

nina towel

I love Nina Jarema’s Folkore range and her Folklore Tea Towel is no exception. Available from Amazon UK for £7.99 (plus £1.99 delivery).


Nina Jarema Folkore Tins

folkore tins

The retro design of Nina Jarema’s Folklore range reminds me of my childhood doodles, though it’s far prettier. If your tea towelled out, how about these Folklore 3-in-1 Tins, £11.95 (plus £6.99 delivery) from Amazon UK.


Map Coasters


I love maps! These Aerial Map Coasters from Map Marketing are £21.99 (plus £5.95 delivery) and personalised to your chosen address and postcode.


Fleur De Lys Tumblers

ant1 ant2 ant3

At £6 each (plus a flat rate delivery charge per order of £5 standard, £8 express), I really like these Fleur de Lys tumblers from Anthroplogie. I’m not sure whether I’d buy 2 of each colour or 6 of one; what do you think?


Tetris Cookie Cutter Set


I first saw these Tetris cookie cutters in Athey Moravetz’s Etsy store.  After being laid off from her job at a video game studio, she turned her hobby of selling funky items created using her 3D printer into a full-time business and has now set up her own dedicated website, Warpzone Prints. Specialising in “geek” cookie cutter designs, her store has items for fans of Doctor Who, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Totoro, Monty Python, Harry Potter and many other much-loved fictional worlds. The Tetris Cookie Cutters cost $15 plus $12 shipping to the UK, approximately £17 GPB in total. Shipping for additional items is less.


Kovrikus Parallelepipedus Door Mat

parallelogrammmatt parallelogrammmatt 2

How funky is this parallelogram doormat by Art Lebedev Studio? It’s £23.99 with free delivery from Amazon UK.


Circle Mugs


I used to collect mugs when I was a child, and I still find it hard to resist unusual ones like these Circle Mugs by the National Theatre. Available for £25.99 a pair (plus delivery at £2.65 first class, £4.95 recorded) via Culture Label.


Grammar Grumble Mugs


Speaking of mugs, I think this set of six Grammar Grumble Mugs from The Literary Gift Company is just brilliant! The set is £39.95 (delivery is free on orders over £30) or you can buy individual mugs for £7.95 each (plus £4.95 delivery).


Colourblind Tea Mug


Now I’m on a mug roll, do you remember taking the Ishihara colour blindness tests at school? This fun Colourblind Tea Mug costs £7.99 from Hidden Art.


Master of Malt Tasting Sets


I’ve bought Pete a few drams from Master of Malts and am a big fan of their Drinks by the Dram offering, whereby you can try whiskies you might otherwise balk at buying a full bottle of in a handy 30 ml pot. Of course, you can choose your drams individually – keep in mind that they’re usually sent out in boxes that hold 5 pots so multiples of 5 presents well. Alternatively, go for one of their ready-made tasting sets of 5 or 10 drams, such as Sherry Monsters (£25.95), Bourbon (£70.95), Islay Whisky (£25.45), Texan Distillery Balcones (£26.44), Ian Buxton 101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die (£77.45) or MoM’s own Christmas 2013 Festive Selection (£70.95). Standard delivery to UK mainland addresses is £4.89.


Dino Corn-on-the-cob Holders


I love corn-on-the-cob, preferably cooked un-covered on a BBQ until some of the kernels char to black. I usually use my hands, impatiently waiting for the cob to cool down enough that I can pick it up without burning my fingers. Wouldn’t these dinosaur holders be fun instead? T-Rex is $31.99 and Triceratops is $27.99 but international shipping from US store Digs to the UK is a whopping $42 so this is probably one for North American readers only!


Seed Bombs


The origin of seed bombing was to forcefully turn derelict land into attractive and wildlife-supporting habitats by throwing in compressed bundles of soil and seeds, which would break open on the ground and create new growth. While you could certainly buy Darren Wilson’s SeedBoms for your own urban guerilla gardening movement, I think they also make a nice gift for anyone with space to create a meadow of flowers. Great for bees and other insects, too! Choose from poppies, cornflowers, wildlfower mix, great British bloomers, sunflowers, thyme, a pollinator mix and forget-me-nots. Single SeedBoms are £2.95 or buy a 4-pack for £10.95 from the SeedBom Shop on Etsy. Delivery is £3.00 and just 25 pence for additional items.


Panther Satchel


Not even a tenuous link to food but I love this Panther Satchel by designer La Lissette. Hand made from leather with appliquéd details and a snap button nose, it’s £89 (plus £4.95 delivery) from The Shop Floor Project.


Map Ornaments


Back to maps, with these lovely globe Christmas tree ornaments from the V&A Museum. They are £4.50 each.


Hannah Turner Owl Egg Cup Set


As a lapsed egg cup collector, I’m coveting these quirky owl egg cups by designer Hannah Turner. The Owl Egg Cup Set includes four egg cups for £46, available from Quince Living.


Kokeshi Lamp


After two holidays in Japan, I’m utterly charmed by Japan-inspired items for the home, such as this adorable Kokeshi Lamp, available from Mr Maria. It costs 165 Euros and shipping is free not only across the EU but to many other countries too. Miffy fans take note; there are Miffy Lamps sold here too.


You can also browse my previous gift guides below. Not all products are still available, but many are.

Please note that I have affiliate accounts with Amazon UK and Master of Malt – the cost you pay for anything you buy from them doesn’t change but I receive a tiny referral commission for any items you buy after following my links.

Oh and if you do buy something from the list, let me know. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling!

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24 Comments to "The Kavey Eats Christmas 2013 Gift Guide"

  1. Kathy

    Kavey, lovely choices! Some of these tea towels are so clever that I can scarcely get over it. Loved the map coasters, too, and the tea infusers are charming. I so look forward all year-round, dear friend to your Christmas posts, and this one did not disappoint in the least. Thank you so v. much for sharing your delightful finds with us.


  2. earthmaiden

    Oooh thanks – and early enough this year to get before I post the parcel to the ‘awkward person! Well done, a fab selection as usual. Must take you ages to find them all!


    I start bookmarking potential ideas for the last few months of the year, plus a concerted hunt as I am putting the post together! Glad it’s in time to help with awkward person!!!

  3. Mamta Gupta

    Lovely stuff Kav. The Death Star tea infuser should work well for putting black peppers and cloves in a curry. Then you won’t have to pick them out. Some people find them difficult to handle. I used to have a tea infuser, will have to look for it.
    Tea towels are lovely too. You have a lot of Japanese stuff this time 🙂

    Mamta Gupta

    I a piece of muslin, but not always. Something like this will be handy. I don’t think these disposable ones are large enough for cinnamon sticks and bay leaves etc.


    Some are, mine are pretty large, bay leaves are fine, and you can break cinnamon stick into two or three pieces, will fit fine.

  4. Ed

    GREAT selection Kavey – I’m glad you got stuck on the tea towels cos there are some gems! Also have the colanders from Muji. They fit snuggly in the matching mixing bowls.


    Ha, thanks, yes I almost pulled the tea towels out into a whole separate guide!!!
    I couldn’t miss any of them out because they are all too fab!

    I’m going to have to point Pete and the Muji stuff…. I want the colanders AND matching bowls, now!

  5. kaveyeats

    Yes, I loved those. I know they’re too expensive to ship to UK but I just had to include them!

  6. Becs @ Lay the table

    I love all the things! Some really inspiring and unique gifts here – I saw the Sagaform stuff in the shops and loved it. We’ve already got a couple of bits from there – really well made 🙂

  7. Heavenly

    Wow, there is so much cute stuff here. I love the tea towels, and I love the stuff by Jimbob. I have a couple of his plates and they always make me smile when I look at them.
    *kisses* H

  8. Sejal

    Oh my goodness, what a fabulous selection of gifts! Love all the tea towels – I’m inspired to start a collection!


    Thank you Sejal and it would be a magnificent collection, I’m sure! I keep finding a hundred more things I wish I’d included!!


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