The Gherkin & The World Chocolate Masters

I have a soft spot for The Gherkin. I like its simple bulbous shape; I like its reflective surface; I like the cross-crossing spiral pattern of different coloured glass. So when I was invited by my friend Dom to attend an event there recently, I jumped at the chance.

Gherkin-0878 Gherkin-0879 Gherkin-0881

Welcomed by Barry Callebaut‘s UK & Ireland Gourmet Business Development Manager, Robert Harrison, we were given lots of information about the The World Chocolate Masters, a biennial competition that celebrates both the ingredient itself and the masters who work with it.

We learned about the competition itself through videos and during a talk from previous contestant, Mark Tilling. Mark twice won the UK feeder competition, to place 12th and 7th in the two world finals in which he participated. We also heard from three of the five finalists for the current UK competition about their inspirations, hopes and strategies.

Gherkin-0905 Gherkin-0908

We also met Soraya Gadelrab, Event Manager for the Speciality & Fine Food Fair. For the last couple of years, the fair has also included a Speciality Chocolate Fair. This year, the finals for the UK Chocolate Masters competition will be held there, over a 3 day period.

I enjoyed learning a little more about the competition, especially from a former competitor.

But for me, the highlight was the opportunity to enjoy the views of London from the 38th floor room and the viewing corridor next door. And watching two workmen in a manoeuvrable boom lift outside made my breath catch in my throat!

Gherkin-0882 Gherkin-0883 Gherkin-0888
Gherkin-0884 Gherkin-0886
Gherkin-0898 Gherkin-0903

Kavey Eats was a guest of Barry Callebaut at The World Chocolate Masters Launch Event.

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  1. kaveyeats

    Same here. It genuinely made me feel slightly dizzy watching them! Found walking in the corridor OK as feels very secure behind the glass and struts. But watching them was terrifying!


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