The Billingsgate Market Fish (& Egg) Pie

A nice, fresh but rather small fillet of fresh Norwegian skrei cod we were sent recently necessitated a recipe that could stretch it into a filling meal for two.

The Billingsgate Market Cookbook

Pete remembered The Billingsgate Market Cookbook we bought after our day at The Billingsgate Seafood Training School and sure enough, their fish pie, bulked out with eggs and leeks, fit the bill.

The Billingsgate Market Cookbook Fish and Egg Pie

The fish is first poached in milk, with a bay leaf. The strained milk is set aside and the skin and any pin bones are removed from the fish. Sliced leek is cooked in butter to soften before flour, cayenne, nutmeg and mustard are added. The reserved milk is added and the sauce cooked until it has thickened. Hard boiled eggs, herbs and the fish (in pieces) are stirred into the sauce and the mixture is transferred into a large oven dish. Potatoes are mashed and blended with butter and milk before being spread over the filling. Some grated cheese is sprinkled over before the pie is baked until golden brown.

Skrei FishPie-5073

This is a great recipe to make a piece of fish go a little further and is a comforting and warming dish.

Skrei FishPie-5061 Skrei FishPie-5062 Skrei FishPie-5064
Skrei FishPie-5065
 Skrei FishPie-5067 Skrei FishPie-5072
Skrei FishPie-5074

This recipe is from The Billingsgate Market Cookbook by C J Jackson. With thanks to the Norwegian Seafood Council for the Norwegian skrei (cod) sample.

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  1. Gill

    This looks yummy Kavey. Did the cod taste different at all? Fish pie is my birthday treat dish of choice. Love it..


    It didn’t taste different but it did have a good firm texture, which was nice. Very very fresh too.


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