Taking the Bus to Godiva’s Wonderful City Dreams

Just as well I don’t have any hangups about admitting my age – 46, as it happens – since today’s post makes it pretty easy to work out!

Back in the late 1980s, after finishing my ‘A’ Levels and before going to university, I went off to France to work as a ‘jeune fille au pair‘. There were many ups and many downs to that experience, but one of the big upsides was meeting up with my best mate Nova in Paris every weekend. I au paired for a family located in a village the size of a small field, out to the West of Paris; she au paired for a family in in the far north Parisian suburbs. We met in the middle on our days off.

We were on a tight budget – the job was ‘paid’ by having our lodgings and board covered, and we earned only pocket money, about £35 a week! But we pootled around the (free) Paris sights, spending much of our time at at the Marche St Ouen, Paris’ enormous flea market. We dined on bargain basement ‘prix fixe’ menus and warmed up (it was winter) with hot chocolate in McDonalds, of all places.

And we discovered proper chocolates!

Back in an era when the main British chocolate options were Dairy Milk Tray, Rowntrees Black Magic and Terry’s Neapolitans, and a box of Thorntons’ was as posh as it got, we were utterly enchanted by the products of two Belgian chocolate makers that were both very popular in France. One of those two brands was Godiva, the other one Leonidas, both of which are well-established across the UK today. Neither of us had heard of them back then – though I think they did have a presence in Britain already – and to us they were incredibly sophisticated and delicious.

Godiva Wonderful Citry Dreams Chocolate Collection

The way that these two brands are wrapped up in the memories of my first long term period of living away from home, and the memory of how happy they made us, means that they still hold a special place in my affections today.

Godiva Wonderful Citry Dreams Chocolate Collection Godiva Wonderful Citry Dreams Chocolate Collection

Earlier this month, I had great fun stepping aboard the Godiva party bus for a quick afternoon tea before we disembarked at Godiva’s Regent Street store to taste their latest collection, Wonderful City Dreams.

Godiva Wonderful Citry Dreams Chocolate Collection

Inspired by five of the world’s most iconic cities, and created by a team of Godiva chocolatier chefs, the Wonderful City Dreams collection celebrates London, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Brussels.

  • New York’s wedge-shaped blonde chocolate shell contains a cheesecake-flavoured mousse and biscuit crumble.
  • London’s white chocolate shell, decorated with a London bus, contains strawberry ganache and chocolate mousse with a hint of violet.
  • Tokyo combines a milk chocolate ganache flavoured with yuzu enrobed in a milk chocolate shell, decorated with a blue building and tree branches.
  • Shanghai’s dark chocolate shell is filled with lychee and white chocolate ganache with roasted hazelnut nibs.
  • Brussels showcases Godiva’s classic hazelnut praliné ganache, inside a dark chocolate shell.

Godiva Wonderful Citry Dreams Chocolate Collection Godiva Wonderful Citry Dreams Chocolate Collection

My favourite is Shanghai, closely followed by London. I like Tokyo but wish the yuzu were more intense; it’s a little too understated. Brussels is a trip down memory lane, and takes me back to those teenage days in Paris. New York is too sweet for me but my husband loves it so I can look super-generous while quietly picking out my favourites!

Kavey Eats was a guest of Godiva for the launch of their Wonderful City Dreams collection. I was not obliged to write a review, and all opinions are, as always, my own.


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13 Comments to "Taking the Bus to Godiva’s Wonderful City Dreams"

  1. Sharon

    Wow love this concept of chocolate expressed in travel. My two favourite things. Now I really need to go get some chocolate!

  2. Punita Malhotra

    Oh yes, dreaming of a chocolate tour. All the divine tastes would keep me on a high for several days after 🙂 Glad I came across this post.

  3. Marcelle

    What an amazing experience you must have had as an au-pair in Paris! 35£ lasted further at that time and I’m sure you bought a lot of chocolate from that! Did you keep your French language skills up? In Belgium and Switzerland, you also get some pretty good chocolate and can use your French language skills. Time to try as well 😉


    I remained fairly fluent for many years but now, a good 30 years later, I’ve lost a lot of my vocabulary. I still have the accent downpat and I can chatter away, but it’s more pidgin in terms of missing words now, and my tenses have simplified a lot too!

  4. Lori

    Chocolate, need I say more? But the Wonderful City Dreams Collection I’ve got to go and find. It may have been tough but sounds like you made the most of things and had a very nice time of it.

  5. Janine Thomas

    What a great idea. I used to love Godiva chocolates although I haven’t eaten them in years. This sounds like a fun outing for when I am next in London.


    The Godiva bus tour isn’t available usually, it was just to launch this travel-inspired collection. But the bus itself does do afternoon tea tours around London on regular basis, so you could do it minus the chocolate!

  6. Kevin Wagar

    You had me at chocolate! There is something just AWESOME about finding incredible chocolate spots in the Big Apple, I travel there a few times a year and now I’ll be living my chocolate dream there!

  7. Jennifer

    I’ve never met a chocolate tour I didn’t like! The afternoon tea on the Godiva bus sounds like a lot of fun. Do you actually have tea on the bus? What do you get with the afternoon tea?

  8. Jennifer

    I am eating chocolate while I read this. Well, drinking it actually. I try to have some every day and try it in every new place. I love how it has nostalgic value for you.

  9. Sarah

    I’d be all over that Brussels. Got me with the classic hazelnut praliné ganache, even better combined with dark chocolate shell.Yum.

  10. Tim

    Ok first of all a Godiva party bus?! WOW! That sounds like an incredible experience and those flavours in the Wonderful City Dreams collection! Marginally I would gravitate towards the New York – I can never turn down a cheesecake – however I think I’ll just have to try them all to be sure!


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