The Truscott Cellar

The Truscott Cellar is a wine bar and restaurant in Belsize Park, a residential neighbourhood in North London. As the name implies, it has a strong focus on wine, but food is definitely not an also-ran; the short menu offers a range of small dishes that are delicious, fairly priced and a great sop to ... Read more »

Shoryu Liverpool Street | Bringing Robata To The Party

I’ve been visiting Shoryu for their tonkotsu ramen since the first branch opened in Regent Street in November 2012. It was diagonally opposite Japan Centre, though that’s now moved a couple of hundred yards to the South West end of Shaftesbury Avenue. There are now additional branches of Shoryu in Denman Street (a few steps ... Read more »

Lizzie Mabbott’s Chinese Spag Bol

Chinese Spag Bol recipe from Chinatown Kitchenby Lizzie Mabbott

Chinese Spag Bol is one of my favourite recipes from Lizzie Mabbott’s Chinatown Kitchen: From Noodles to Nuoc Cham. There are neither wine nor tomatoes in the recipe, instead minced pork is simmered in yellow bean sauce, hoisin sauce and soy sauce to create a rich meaty sauce with which to dress the noodles. There ... Read more »

Capsicana | Chilli Cook Sauces

A high quality product which is easy to use, quick and absolutely delicious, this new range of chilli based cook sauces from Capsicana is suitable for all occasions and certainly good enough to serve to guests. There are four sauces in all from the Latin Flavours range. All are suitable for vegetarians and have no ... Read more »

Diana Henry’s Chicken with Pumpkin, Cream & Gruyère

If you love chicken, Diana Henry’s A Bird In The Hand is a wonderful cookery book, full of amazing chicken recipes such as this one. Read our review of Bird In The Hand, here.   This recipe for Chicken with Pumpkin, Cream and Gruyère blew me away. As you can see, it’s such a simple recipe ... Read more »

Rex & Mariano | Superb Seafood in Soho

Rex and Mariano has been making quite an impression since it launched earlier this year. From the same group as famous steak restaurant Goodman and enormously successful proto-chain Burger & Lobster, the new fish and seafood restaurant is named for two key suppliers involved in the venture – Rex Goldsmith aka The Chelsea Fishmonger and ... Read more »