Picnic Recipes | 11 Thirst-Quenching Drinks

Having cooked lots of fantastic food for your picnic (or garden party), don’t let the deliciousness down when it comes to the drinks! I’ve pulled together a collection of perfect thirst-quenchers that fit the bill. Banana Lychee Lassi adds an exotic fruit combination to the classic Indian yoghurt drink. Blood Orange Squash is a grown ... Read more »

Picnic Recipes | 20 Perfect Patés & Dips

20 Perfect Paté & Dip Recipes that are perfect for picnics or garden parties

I love things that I can spread over bread or crackers, or in which I can dunk crudites or crisps. Here’s a selection of quick and tasty recipes that make a great addition to your picnic hamper or garden party table. Abroath Smokie & Wild Garlic  combines the wonderful smokiness of the haddock with foraged ... Read more »

Picnic Recipes | 11 Pastries, Pies, Plaits, Quiches, Tarts & Rolls

11 Pastries, Pies, Plaits, Quiches, Tarts & Rolls for Picnics and Garden Parties

For me a picnic isn’t a picnic without some kind of savoury pastries, whether that’s sausage rolls, a homemade quiche or something more adventurous. Here’s a great selection of recipes for your next picnic or garden party. Asparagus Tarts with a Pesto Surprise make the most of seasonal asparagus, goose eggs and pesto. Beef Empanadas ... Read more »

Picnic Recipes | 10 Super Tasty Salads

10 Scrumtious Salad Recipes that are perfect for picnics or garden parties

When it comes to picnics, barbeques and garden parties it’s easy to focus on the mains, with salad too often relegated to an also-ran. But adding a few really tempting salad recipes to your picnic basket or party table is the perfect way to balance your meal. These 10 salad ideas are sure to be ... Read more »