Microwave Meals by Tim Anderson

Cover of Microwave Meals by Tim Anderson

It’s no secret that we love Tim Anderson’s cookbooks and recipes here at Kavey Eats! After being amazed and delighted by the Microwave Mabo Aubergine recipe from his book Bowls and Bento, we were ridiculously excited to dive into his latest cookbook, Microwave Meals, full of amazing recipes showcasing the versatility of this oft-maligned kitchen ... Read more »

Microwaved Mabo Aubergine

Microwaved Mabo Aubergine

Mabo Aubergine is a popular Japanese variation of the Sichuan Chinese Mapo Tofu (also known as pockmarked grandma’s beancurd). Here, aubergine takes the place of tofu – it’s soft, silky texture and ability to absorb flavours partners perfectly with punchy pork. But this clever recipe from Tim Anderson’s JapanEasy Bowls & Bento is even better, ... Read more »

Microwave Magic | Easy Microwave Salted Caramels

I wrote recently about why I (and many others) love our microwaves, and also about how we’ve been getting on with our new Heston for Sage Quick Touch. To put it through it’s paces, we’ve not only been defrosting, softening, melting, reheating, sterilising, steaming… we’ve been pushing it a little further and seeing how else ... Read more »