Viajante: A Journey Of Flavours, Textures and Unusual Combinations

A few years back, I read blog posts about Bacchus, a Hoxton restaurant offering exciting, unusual cooking from chef Nuno Mendes. He was using avant-garde techniques I’d come to associate with chefs such as Ferran Adria and Heston Blumenthal – spherification, distillation, liquid nitrogen, sous-vide (water baths) and more. I was intrigued and I meant ... Read more »

Quilon: A Taste Of The Malabar Coast

A little skeptical about Michelin’s standards after our recent meal at Holbeck Ghyll I was nonetheless curious to visit Quilon, an Indian restaurant in the heart of Westminster that I’d heard very little about. Familiar with a wide range of Northern Indian dishes (well, I would be, wouldn’t I? This is my mum’s website) I ... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Maze, London

Yesterday was my birthday (and my sister’s too) and we celebrated with dinner at Maze, one of the Gordon Ramsay stable of restaurants, run by head chef Jason Atherton. We opted for the Tasting Menu which was the reason (along with hearty recommendations from foodie friends) that I picked Maze: unlike most of the GR ... Read more »

Restaurant Review: Zaika Restaurant, High Street Kensington, London

Last night I had the pleasure of being taken out by a friend to Zaika Restaurant in High Street Kensington (London). Zaika is a modern and stylish restaurant offering Indian fusion cuisine –offering both reworked traditional classics and original dishes blending eastern and western flavours. On opening in 1999 the restaurant garnered very positive reviews ... Read more »