Recipe Roundup | Ice Lollies

With thoughts of summer holidays in mind, I set the theme for August’s BSFIC as ice lollies. So eager was I to share my genius idea with you that I posted my first BSFIC post right at the beginning of the month! My Pickleback Ice Lollies (bourbon + pickled gherkin brine) were both lauded as ... Read more »

Kavey’s Genius Pickleback Ice Lollies!

Heeeeeell, YES, I made pickleback ice lollies! And they are mighty, mighty fine! First, I made straight pickled gherkin ice lollies, inspired by an idea I came across when searching for Zoku character designs. I used pickling juice (and a little sliced gherkin) from the jar I bought back with me from Amsterdam earlier this ... Read more »