A Quick & Easy Recipe for Chocolate, Amaretto & Amaretti Ice Cream

I love chocolate. I love amaretto liqueur. And I love amaretti (macaroon biscuits). This month, I combined all three to make a very simple, very quick and very delicious ice cream. Incidentally, whilst amaretti biscuits are traditionally made from almonds, amaretto liqueur, which has a similar almond flavour, is commonly made from apricot pits, with ... Read more »

Recipe Roundup | Savoury Ice Creams

For this month’s BSFIC I set quite a challenge, asking you to create savoury ice creams. I gave you the choice of creating wholly savoury recipes or offering a sweet ice cream based on a savoury ingredient. I posted first, sharing my recipe for Roquefort & Condensed Milk Ice Cream, using the no churn cream ... Read more »

Roquefort & Condensed Milk Ice Cream

Having challenged myself to make a savoury ice cream, I decided on blue cheese as my flavour, melting strong blue cheese into the no-churn condensed milk and double cream ice cream base that I discovered a few months ago. It was a bit of a nightmare!   I slowly melted 100 gram of Roquefort into ... Read more »

Recipe Roundup | Spices in Ice Cream

When I set September’s BSFIC theme as Spices I thought people would find it easy to think of ideas. Not only is vanilla the queen of ice cream spices, there’s also anise, cardamom, chilli, cinnamon, ginger, mustard, paprika, pepper and saffron, to name just a few! People said they found it hard to decide what ... Read more »

Rich Bitter Chocolate Ice Cream

This no-churn ice cream recipe makes a fantastically dense, rich and creamy chocolate ice cream. I used very dark chocolate indeed to achieve a deliciously bitter result, but you could use a 70% chocolate to dial it back a little, if you prefer. Although it’s not much, the quarter teaspoon of coffee granules definitely comes ... Read more »