Gelupo Gelato’s Mint Stracciatella

Gelupo Gelato's Mint Stracciatella

The more elegant big brother of mint choc chip ice cream, mint stracciatella gelato is a firm favourite in gelaterias across Italy. The shards of chocolate are created by dripping melted chocolate into nearly-churned mint gelato such that it freezes on contact and is broken up (shredded) by the paddle of the ice cream machine. ... Read more »

Gelupo Gelato by Jacob Kenedy | A Delectable Palette of Ice Cream Recipes

Gelupo Gelato by Jacob Kenedy

I’ve enjoyed many a delicious ice cream and sorbet from Gelupo Gelato’s popular gelateria over the years. Located on Archer Street in Soho – just across the road from its big sister Bocca di Lupo Italian restaurant – Gelupo Gelato has been one of London’s most lauded ice cream shops since 2010. I like to ... Read more »