Table-Top Barbeque Japanese & Korean Style

We fell in love with yakiniku (also known in Japan as Korean barbeque) when visiting Japan, and have loved it ever since. This year, one of my Christmas gifts from Pete was a table-top Korean barbeque grill by Primst, and a big box of bamboo charcoal briquettes. We veered towards Japanese flavours for our first trial, but will go down a more Korean path for our next one!

Table-top BBQ

SAFETY NOTE: Official advice in the UK is not to use charcoal grills indoors because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. We made a personal decision to go ahead: we chose smokeless bamboo charcoal and set up our table next to wide open patio doors and an open window, ensuring plenty of good ventilation and circulation of fresh air. Please assess the risk yourself with reference to government guidance. You can also use and enjoy this style of table-top barbeque outdoors. 


Primst Portable Barbeque Grill Primst Portable Barbeque Grill Primst Portable Barbeque Grill

The barbeque set we bought is this Primst Charcoal Barbecue Grill. It comes with the main grill body, a charcoal bowl and plate that fits inside the body, and three different top sections – a mesh for direct grilling, a roasting pan, and a pot stand so you can use a saucepan or frying pan on top. There’s also an anti-scalding handle provided to pick up the charcoal bowl safely when hot.

Ginger-soy marinaded chicken thigh skewers Chicken skewers and sliced beef grilling on table-top barbeque

For our protein, we chose chicken thighs on skewers, marinated for a couple of hours in a ginger-soy-garlic marinade, and Japanese A4 grade wagyu (beef), thinly sliced and cooked plain, and dipped into a soy-yuzu-daikon dipping sauce.

Wagyu (Japanese steak) sliced ready for a table-top barbeque Wagyu (Japanese steak) sliced ready for a table-top barbeque

For sides, we had garlic and soy fried rice (tossed in beef fat that we trimmed off the steak and rendered), and Chinese-style chilli cucumbers.

Table-top BBQ

We also tried threading chicken skin onto skewers, as I’ve loved this at Japanese yakitori restaurants, but it didn’t cook well on the grill, so need tor revisit that idea another time.

Korean BBQ and Japanese Grills by Jonas Cramby

Another gift was a copy of Korean BBQ & Japanese Grills by Jonas Cramby (2019), which shares recipes, methods and cultural insights into Japanese and Korean barbeque. From the book, we made a soy, yuzu and daikon dipping sauce for the sliced (wagyu) beef, a ginger-soy marinade for the chicken skewers, and the dressing for Chinese-style chilli cucumbers.

All were delicious, and we can’t wait to try more recipes from the book!

Table-top BBQ (Kavey Eats)

The yakitori tare (dipping and grilling sauce) in this recipe for Japanese-style Yakitori Chicken Hearts can also be used for chicken thighs and other proteins.

Are you a fan of Japanese and Korean barbeques? What are your favourite dishes to cook on the grill or have on the side?


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    Loved reading about this adventure!!

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