Steenbergs Flavoured Salts

Flavoured salts, also known as finishing salts, are a great way of adding flavour during cooking and, of course, when finishing a dish.

Whilst it’s true that salt is salt, most commercially sold salt contains about 2% of something else and that 2% is enough to make a huge difference to flavour (not to mention texture). Table salt contains anti-caking agents, and may also contain iodide, and whilst these aren’t really detectable (to me) when it’s used in cooking, they certainly can be when salt is used to finish a dish. Even for reasons of texture alone, it’s nicer to sprinkle some crystallised salt over freshly sliced tomatoes than table salt.

Some natural salts contain traces of the earth from which they were mined, which can give earthy mineral flavours as well as affect their texture. Likewise, sea salt often retains other elements that were dissolved in the water.

It’s also becoming increasingly popular to mix in additional flavourings such as herbs, citrus peel, mushrooms, chilli and other spices. Smoked salt is also widely available.

Steenbergs Organic is a North Yorkshire-based family-run business committed to “providing organic spices and organic cooking ingredients packed with flavour, aroma and provenance”.


Steenbergs sell a range of salts including (naturally occuring) coloured salts, sea salts and finishing salts and salt blends. They sent me a selection of their range to try.


So far I’ve tried the Happy Hippy Flower Salt, which looks beautiful sprinkled over a plate of fresh, sliced tomatoes. It also gives a lovely crunch and a delightful floral flavour.


The Smoked Sea Salt is gorgeous for anything you think would benefit from a hint of smoke. I like it sprinkled over courgettes grilled on the barbecue or onto a tasty steak after it’s cooked and rested.

SteenbergChicken-1477 SteenbergChicken-1481

The Salt & Herbs For Poultry brought our most recent roast chicken dinner to life. The mix is 83% salt with the balance made up of black pepper, chives, parsley and tarragon; a quick and delicious way to add a touch of flavour.


Kavey Eats received a sample set of salts from Steenbergs Organic.

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67 Comments to "Steenbergs Flavoured Salts"

  1. Heavenly

    I’d love to make some luxurious scrambled eggs with cream and butter and top it with some truffle salt.
    I’ve tweeted you on Twitter too.
    Hope you have an amazing weekend Kavey!
    *kisses* H

  2. Shezza

    I’d love to rub Steenberg’s smoked sea salt into a nice fillet of white fish – something like hake. Then fry it til the skin’s crispy and serve it with some pasta, mixed with wilted spinach, tossed in oil and sprinkled with a little truffle salt.

  3. Karen

    I have my own recipe for salt with flowers, a recipe I created for Sarah Raven last year, but would be keen to see what Steenberg’s variety was like! I am always happy to promote a Yorkshire company too…..Karen

  4. Jane Willis

    With winter heading this way, I think seasoning steaks with smoked salt before grilling would give them a “barbecued in the sunshine” flavour.

  5. Galina V

    I already use flavoured salts, one of my favourite being sea salt with coriander and rose petals, which is great with the duck, and roast veg.

  6. Caroline H

    The smoked sea salt over barbequed courgettes sounds like a lovely idea. I think I’d like to try it to add interest to my homemade bbq sauce.

  7. Susan

    I’d sprinkle some over some homemade crackers just before I baked them, different flavoured salt for different shaped crackers.

  8. Hassni Malik

    Stir it into olive oil and leave it to infuse into the oil, then use it as a drizzle on salads.

  9. Kirsten Murphy

    I’ve never given the flavour of salt a thought until recently when I bought some Pink Himalaya, what an eye opener!
    I think the Hippy Salt would be amazing on a piece of trout as it wouldn’t overpower the flavour but give it that edge it sometimes lacks

  10. Gill Bland

    London Bakes has an amazing recipe for smoked sea salt and sark chocolate cookies. I’ve not found anyone who isn’t surprised by how good they are.

  11. Sara Cooper


    I would make salted caramel, and use all of the different salts to influence the flavours. I love the idea of floral caramel, and I have a suspicion that the smoked salts would really pack a punch!


  12. Gingey Bites

    Oh I love this, I’ve tried other flavoured salts before now but some of these flavour combos look amazing, I would definitely use the smoked salt on a roast chicken or perhaps try it with roasted courgettes, peppers and onions!

  13. Bohdan Kuczynski

    I Love smoked salt, it’s really great as a finishing for your home baked Focaccia and even sprinkled over your fresh popcorn for a savoury nibble

  14. Bohdan Kuczynski

    Also liked on FaceBook using Bohdan Kuczynski

    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  15. Lynn Doe

    I would use the smoked sea salt to rub into a lovely roast pork crackling joint. The crackling would taste amazing 🙂

  16. phillippa lee

    I would make a red quinoa Tabouli salad with mint, flat leaf parsley, almonds, chopped dried apricots, lemon, olive oil – finished with happy hippy flower salt and a handful of calendula petals.

  17. Victoria N

    I’d rub the smoked sea salt on chicken thighs to add extra smokiness to them, before barbequing them

  18. laura avery

    Has to be home made pork simple rubbed in olive oil and course salt ..yummmy These look amazing!

  19. Jayne B

    Love to bake whole snapper with garlic, tomatoes, fennel & olive oil & crystalised salt would be great with this.


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