There’s something magical about seedlings. After a cold winter – one that is reluctant to give up it’s hold, pushing snow and biting winds into April – even the smallest signs of spring are warmly welcomed.


Pete’s been sowing seeds in our heated propagator but has moved two trays of seedlings onto the bathroom windowsill to start the hardening off process. Our bathroom is downstairs, at the back of the house and gets fairly cold at night, when the heating isn’t on.


There are Sungold, Black Krim, Black Russian and Tigarella tomatoes, Orange Bell sweet peppers, Black Beauty aubergines, Cape Gooseberries and chillis from an ancient Wahaca seed pack.

There are many more seeds to sow. Some will need the helping heat of the propagator, some will be sown in the greenhouse and others directly into the soil outside.

I look forward to watching them grow and of course, to harvesting the results.

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5 Comments to "Seedlings"

  1. Kavey

    From various places.

    We have always bought a lot from Thompson and Morgan, via garden centres.

    In 2011 we bought a selection from The Real Seed Catalogue – really love their website and the approach they have, though can’t comment on quality of seeds yet as we’ve had two really crappy growing years in 2011 and 2012 and none of our seeds did well even those that have done well for us before.

    Last year, we ran a giveaway with Seed Parade and were invited to choose seeds for ourselves too. As above on being able to assess the seeds last year (though several of the seedlings above are from them). They’re much cheaper than many competitors which they do by reducing packaging costs, but that means you’ll receive the seeds in unlabelled packets and need to look at their website for all the planting, growing instructions that are normally on the packet. That didn’t bother me but might for some.

  2. Donna

    Sowing was on my agenda for this weekend, but with the cold chill I just couldn’t face working outside! Thanks for the post to motivate me toward getting things together this weekend!


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