Roquefort & Condensed Milk Ice Cream

Having challenged myself to make a savoury ice cream, I decided on blue cheese as my flavour, melting strong blue cheese into the no-churn condensed milk and double cream ice cream base that I discovered a few months ago.

It was a bit of a nightmare!

BlueCheeseIceCream-3742 BlueCheeseIceCream-3748

I slowly melted 100 gram of Roquefort into a slug of double cream (from a 600 ml pot) over a gentle heat. Once the cheese was fully melted, I mixed it with the rest of the cream, which was still cold.


I thought the result was cool enough to whip so I poured it into Intergalactic Unicorn and set it beating.


But it wouldn’t stiffen and just as it was finally starting to do so, it split!

I threw in the condensed milk anyway (a 250 ml tin) and mixed it all in.

It looked disgusting! Like cottage cheese. I’m not a fan of cottage cheese.

And yet it tasted gorgeous!


I decided to go ahead and freeze it, just to see what happened.


A couple of days later, we got it out of the freezer, and to our surprise, it made a great ice cream! The lumpy bits were a little odd in texture but perfectly edible; the smoother bits were really lovely. And the balance between salty sharp blue and caramelly condensed milk was just right and worked very well.

I’ll make this again, hopefully within the month, if I have time. But I’ll adjust my method (as below) to avoid splitting the cream.

Roquefort & Condensed Milk Ice Cream


100 grams Roquefort, or other strong blue cheese
600 ml double cream
1 can (250 ml) condensed milk

Adjusted Method

Next time I’ll melt the blue cheese into a little double cream and set it aside. Then I’ll whip the remainder of the cream until it’s just short of stiff, before pouring in the condensed milk and beating again. Lastly, I’ll quickly and carefully mix in the blue cheese cream, and pour into a plastic box to freeze.




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15 Comments to "Roquefort & Condensed Milk Ice Cream"

  1. kaveyeats

    Because it’s a sweet ice cream, it’s actually lovely on its own. It’s like having the cheese course and dessert all rolled into one.

    Had I made a 100% savoury version, I might serve it with steak, like I did with Heston’s mustard ice cream. But this one’s sweet and savoury, so that might be weird.

    Any other ideas?


    Aah yes, a similarly sweet / savoury biscuit – maybe a digestive, oh god, a soft chewy cookie but with digestive flavour, that would be soooo good!!!

  2. Alicia (foodycat)

    I just grated my cheese into the condensed milk/cream base to avoid that! Unfortunately, I added the olive oil too soon and it meant the cream didn’t mount as much as it should have.

  3. kaveyeats

    I love it on its own too but mixed with the condensed milk it really mellows and yet its flavour comes through.

  4. Dominic

    Mmm lumpy cheesy ice cream! ;0). I actually love the idea if blue cheese in ice cream. You could serve it with caramelised pears and walnuts. Or a sweet stucky toffee pudding What a great idea.


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