First of the year’s rhubarb, harvested from the allotment on Sunday morning.





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  1. kaveyeats

    Hi James, as we only had a couple of thin stems to harvest, Pete chopped the stems and stewed with a little sugar and some port. The resulting compote is good on its own or with vanilla ice cream. You can also use rhubarb in crumbles, or in a softer dessert like a rhubarb fool. Or you can cook it more gently, to retain more of the shape and texture. I’m hoping we get enough to make a little rhubarb gin too!

  2. Jenny Eatwell

    Your rhubarb is coming along way faster than our Ruby is! Mind you, we split Ruby up into three earlier in the year – so we now have Ruby, Ruby 2 and Ruby 3. I suspect we’ll be awash with the stuff before too very much longer. LOL

    I used rhubarb last year in a Chinese-style pork dish ( http://jennyeatwellsrhubarbginger.blogspot.com/2011/04/pork-steaks-with-rhubarb-chinese-style.html ) and it was very successful. I think it’s worth investigating how rhubarb can be used with fatty meats like pork, as the two certainly worked very well together in that instance.

  3. kaveyeats

    Jenny, this is the stuff we inherited, at the allotment… garden one we planted couple of years ago not ready at all…

    Jennie, you are crazy rhubarb lady.

  4. Nicola

    It’s beautiful! I have severe allotment envy… Planted my rhubard last year (timperly early & pink champagne), and although the dog trampled most of it, hopefully this season the crowns will be a little stronger, and ready for some light picking. As yet they are but buds.

    Rhubarb Gin – oh yes! (recipe please)


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