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As I write this, it’s pouring with rain outside and has been since I woke up some hours ago. Heavy drops are bouncing hard on the flat roof outside the window, making quickly-dissipating concentric circles one after the other after the other in mesmerising, ever-changing patterns. Grey skies and endless water have washed away the skin-warming heat we experienced just a few weeks ago.

The beginning of July felt like one of those endless summers of childhood. Sunblock was vigorously applied, sun-starved limbs were eagerly exposed, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses saved us from squinting against the bright light, and barbeques across the nation were eagerly dusted off and put back to use.

For me, there are few snacks that speak of summer as much as ice lollies; the perfect cooling refreshment. Best eaten quickly before the heat starts to drive sticky, melted rivers of sweetness down the stick, onto hands, from there to drip drip drip onto bare feet, or better yet the parched grass underfoot.

Unsurprisingly, most of the entries for this month’s Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream were made earlier on in the month, when the weather still had us yearning for icy treats.


Kate, author of Veggie Desserts, is an expert at incorporating vegetables often thought of as savoury, into sweet treats. Her Cucumber and Lemon Popsicles look super refreshing. I’ve often heard people suggest that cucumber has no flavour, but it certainly does, especially when the flavour is allowed to be the star of the show.


Wonderlusting Lynda is not new to BSFIC but has not entered for a while, so it was such a pleasure to see her bright Coconutty, Carrot & Mango Ice Lollies, a welcome splash of colour and flavour. And how funky does that nail polish look against the orange and red?!

Eton Mess Strawberry Cream Meringue Lollies - Kavey Eats - © Kavita Favelle -notext-9048

I was delighted by how well my Eton Mess Ice Lollies turned out – a simple combination of fresh strawberries, sugar, double cream and crushed meringue. I took these along to a barbeque with friends and they seemed to go down well!

fruity yoghurt pops

Kate from Happy Igloo created these attractively layered Fruity Yogurt Pops by combining fresh fruit with natural yoghurt for a healthy ice lolly. Yoghurt makes such great ice lollies, adding a welcome tang to the taste of sweet ripe fruit.

peach and banana lollipops 3

Great minds think alike – Corina from Searching For Spice also chose to mix natural yoghurt with fruit for her Peach and Banana Ice Lollipops, opting for a two-layer lolly. I love the shape of her moulds too!

debi double cherry popsicles

Debi, author of lifestyle blog Life Currents, made these pretty Double Cherry Popsicles by combining dried and fresh cherries with lemonade. You must check out the adorable penguin lolly mould she used for one of the lollies!


Caroline’s Chocolate Milk Ice Cream Lollies tasted delicious but the lollipop moulds she tried out didn’t quite work – the head broke off one cow and the stick off the other. The important thing is that they tasted good and hopefully won’t put Caroline off further ice cream experiments!

tofu strawberry lollyBSFIC

I’m so excited by these Korean Inspired Strawberry and Tofu Lollies by Sneige from Orange Thyme. We had been chatting on twitter and I suggested she try something with a Korean influence. I learned when making a traditional Japanese shira-ae salad dressing quite how versatile tofu can be but would never have thought to use it as a base for a sweet ice lolly – so clever!

Nutella lollies cropped

Lisa aka the Cookwitch was determined to make some ice lollies this month. Her first attempt – a rhubarb and custard jam, peanut butter and condensed milk experiment – sounded utterly delicious but woefully, it didn’t freeze. However, Lisa came up trumps on her second try, with these Melty Nutella Ice Lollies.

Fruity Lemonade Lolly sm

Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary is full of colour this week, after she posted her Fruity Lemonade Ice Lollies against a field of yellow. Elizabeth uses her Froothie Optimum power blender to blitz whole lemons for the recipe so these are super sharp, just as her kids like them, but the beauty of the recipe is that you can adjust the sweetness to your personal tastes.


Last but not least is Fuss Free Flavours Helen’s delightful Cooling Cucumber Elderflower Mint Ice Pops which make great use of a power blender to combine cucumber, mint, elderflower cordial and water for a light and refreshing lolly.

IceCreamChallenge mini

That’s it for this month – some super ice lollies, I hope you agree.


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19 Comments to "Recipe Roundup | Ice Lollies"

  1. Dom

    i’m such a lazy arse and didn’t get round to entering again so i’m just slathering over these gorgeous picture instead…


    I feel your pain, I’m the same about so many of the recipes I plan to make and blog but just don’t get time to do! Join for August if you can!

  2. Snigdha (Snig's Kitchen)

    Hello Kavey,

    I’ve told you in the past my attempts at ice cream were abject failures. But ice LOLLIES?! I can manage them!

    Which mould kit would you recommend? There are quite a few varieties I can see from the pictures.

    Great round up of some lovely looking treats!

    Best wishes


    Honestly, I can’t compare as I don’t own many myself. I have some cheap ones I got in poundland a few years ago, if I could find the stick parts. For mine I used cheap plastic cups and wooden lolly sticks I bought from Amazon. I love the different mould shapes people have used though!

  3. Corina

    Lovely round up and the weather was lovely again today so fingers crossed we’ll all want to make some more of them soon!

  4. kellie@foodtoglow

    Those Strawberry and Tofu Pops look great! Must look those up. Every recipe here looks so fresh and inviting. I am only just now doing ice lollies and granitas; it’s been to cold up here in Scotland to really enjoy cold food. 🙁

  5. nazima

    fabulous inspiration here. Such creative ideas. The tofu ones are so clever and Helen’s cucumber ones look such a pretty pastel green. delicious

  6. Anne

    I attempted a mango icecream dessert thingy this month but failed – it wouldn’t freeze! Lots of lovely lolly inspiration here to explore instead, am sure a bit healthier than all the Slush puppy ones we are buying currently, as much as I love having a blue tongue after!


    Oh no, how frustrating — hope it at least made the basis of a good non-frozen dessert or a smoothie instead?

  7. Aline

    So cute! LOVE the invitations! Found you via Bloom Design’s Link Party (and am tltolay subscribing to your blog!)I’ve just started my first , and would love if you cam over and shared this cute summer idea!


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