Quick Puff Pastry Tart

Having some leftover fresh mozarella balls and proscuitto slices in the fridge, not to mention a third of a home-grown yellow courgette, I sent Pete off to buy some ready-made puff pastry, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil for a quick and tasty evening meal.

After scoring a border around the edges, I layered slices of tomato and courgette, broke up the soft squishy mozarella and dropped it evenly across the top and then threw on some fresh basil leaves to add another flavour and colour.

After about 20 minutes in the oven the tart was cooked.

I distributed the proscuitto slices over the top, in scrunched up piles and dinner was ready!

Not the most elegant presentation but it was quick, easy and tasted wonderful!

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  1. Karen J

    hmm that looks yummy and delicious, I wouldn't say it wasn't the most elegant presentation it's all about the taste and a great use of left overs, enjoy Germany sure you can find some local cuisine to sample while you are there


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