Ishtah Turkish Restaurant | A New Old Favourite in Central Finchley, London

We moved to North Finchley over 20 years ago, and discovered Izgara restaurant in Central Finchley not long after it opened in 1999. Although it’s not as local as the restaurants along our own high street 1.5 miles to the north, we loved the Turkish menu, friendly service and the windows all along the front ... Read more »

Travel Quote Tuesday | Brigitte Muir

Of course, most of us have commitments and practical limitations that mean we can’t spend all our waking hours chasing our dreams – the need to work a job to pay the bills, the desire to spend time with our friends and families, the prioritisation of raising a family or establishing a career (or both)… ... Read more »

Travel Quote Tuesday | Thomas Moore

Although I’ve not been up on the London Eye for many years, I went on it a few times in the months just after it opened and was captivated by the views of London. Surprisingly, for someone who doesn’t like heights, I was totally fine in the Eye, probably because there’s no wobbliness at all, ... Read more »

Hyper Japan 2017 | The Sake Experience

HyperJapan is a hotly anticipated diary event for lovers of Japanese pop culture across the UK.    The show features the latest in gaming and anime (including some of the latest technology such as VR and handroid) and in cosplay and fashion (including kawaii, character clothing and all manner of clothing and accessories). Additional stalls ... Read more »