Captivating Kaiseki Cuisine at Hoshinoya Kyoto

Is there anything more charming than a restaurant to which one travels by small boat along a serene stretch of river in one of Japan’s most beautiful cities? One that also serves the highest quality Japanese cuisine, each dish a perfect balance between traditional classic and inventive modern? If there is, I am yet to ... Read more »

Making Japanese Yakiniku at Home & New Zealand Grass Fed Wagyu Flat Iron Steak

During our two recent holidays to Japan, we discovered a real love for yakiniku.* I was determined to recreate this indoor barbecue experience at home. But there were obstacles: no smokeless charcoal; no indoor barbecue container; no working extractor fan in the kitchen (it died and we’ve not had it fixed); and it can be ... Read more »

What is Yakiniku? | Enjoying Yakiniku in Japan

In China, Taiwan and North America, yakinuku (literally “grilled meat” *) is often referred to as Japanese barbeque but in Japan itself, it’s very much considered a Korean import. In the UK, it’s not well known at all. Showa Taishu Horumon in Osaka What is Yakiniku? Yakiniku is DIY dining at its finest! Diners gather ... Read more »

Japan Snapshots: Random

A random set of images from Japan: A friend of bread is a friend of mine   Cupola Sanjo, the covered segment of Sanjo Dori (and its delightful chicken logo) Waiting at a tram stop, Osaka   Details, Pontocho, Kyoto Children’s book, Kyoto Coffee Shop – rather surreal to try and understand it from the ... Read more »

Japan Snapshots: Cats & Dogs

A few more images from Japan: Cats of Philosopher’s Path, Kyoto     Pampered Dogs, Kinkaku-ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion), Kyoto   Model of a biting dog outside a restaurant in Gion, Kyoto     Cat in a hat, Sumiyoshitaisha Shrine, Osaka   Cuddly Dominion, Kyushu   Grammarly is a writing tool that checks ... Read more »