Travel Quote Tuesday | Leigh Hunt

I wrote recently about what it means to me to travel with my husband Pete. As long as I’m in his company I’m happier, stronger when facing whatever the world throws at me and in the best mindset to enjoy everything we see and do and experience. It’s like bringing the essence of home along ... Read more »

Postcard from Iceland #4 | The North

Outside of Reykjavik, Iceland is sparsely populated with individual farmsteads and small communities dotted across a rural landscape. Farming and fishing are still key industries but the last decade has seen huge growth in software, biotechnology, finance and service industries and a significant increase in tourism. Sauðárkrókur – Hólar – Akureyri After an inland detour ... Read more »

Postcard from Iceland #3 | The North West

I’m conscious that it’s now several months since our summer visit to Iceland and that I stalled after sharing just two ‘postcards’. I’ve been processing more of the images from the trip and decided to resume the series; better late than never! We didn’t have time on this trip to include the Western Fjords that ... Read more »

Postcard from Iceland #1 | Reykjavik

Pete and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in Iceland this summer. Our visit was almost scuppered by Bárðarbunga, an Icelandic volcano that chose the time of our visit to get a little fractious. Luckily, no flights were cancelled, and although Bárðarbunga did let loose its lava during our holiday, its tantrum had very little ... Read more »

Bringing Iceland Home | Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs with Crunchy Onions & Remoulade

  Icelanders love their hot dogs! Who knew? Well, anyone who’s spent any time in Iceland, that’s who; recommendations to seek out Icelandic pylsa abound and I’m adding one more to the pile! An Icelandic pylsa is much like a hot dog anywhere in the world… with a few little touches that make it a ... Read more »