What Exactly is Vinho de Talha (Clay Pot Wine)?

Talha vessel at Herdade de São Miguel winery in Portugal's Alentejo region

I love discovering specialist food and drink products during my travels, so my visit to Herdade de São Miguel in Alentejo, Portugal was an eye opener. It was at the winery’s modernist head quarters on its Pimenta estate that I first learned about the renaissance of vinho de talha. I have already shared the story ... Read more »

A Taste of Alentejo | The Gastronomic Soul of Portugal

‘Ask any Portuguese and they’ll agree – Alentejo is the gastronomic soul of Portugal!‘ So said our guide Ruben as we set off on our taster tour of the region. But since he’s also the Communication Manager for the region’s tourism promotion agency, I took his words with a pinch of salt, categorising them as ... Read more »

Put A Cork In It, Alentejo!

A piece of cork partially stamped into cork stoppers, in Portugal's Alentejo region

Did you know that Portugal is the world’s largest producer of cork? Half of the world’s cork is produced here, much of that within the Alentejo region, which I explored recently.    Cork is grown and harvested across the Alentejo, well suited to the hot and dry climate. Most of the processing happens in Azaruja, ... Read more »